Taipan | 10s 8000mah LiPo | TB218's | Dual Sk8 6374 192kv | Dual FocBox | DickyHo mounts | 90mm ZillBoard Flywheels | 16/36 | 15mm Drive |

Hey guys So this thread is basically a continuation or upgrade of my last build:

Just wanna say thank you to a few people who have made this build that little bit better

@dareno - me aussie mate, helped me to be sure that these monstrous motors would fit @dickyho - for the mounts, super fast contact and great price (just need to have the mounts really damn tight) @brenternet - when i messaged you about something and you showed me your dual landyachtz build it tipped me over the edge in the decision of going dual (along with the fact i get alot more power now lol) @anon42702729 - for saving my ass with the 80a bestech bms and having wheel pulleys handy :wink: And ZillBoards for both giving me wheels and helping me greatly with the build.

Firstly, this board is crazy strong. At the moment, i have both motors running at 60a each, and max battery draw at 40a on each focbox. Apparently 100a is the max these motors can take but tbh im not sure if they wouldn’t get super hot.

Another thing, the dickyho mounts are something you really need to be careful of. At first they are fairly difficult to put into the trucks. So, they need to be either filed or bent open, which stops the clamp being a proper circle. So pretty much you need to clamp the mf on super tight, and make sure you use loctite blue on everything. (@dickyho im not complaining this is just constructive criticism). Also, where the mount gets thin, it tends to slightly bend under force with these fat motors. Some sort of brace would fix this.

The orange wheels i got from the one and only ZillBoards as a test sample for his new formula of urethane. And they are super nice. super grippy and soft enough for my liking. Along with this, i have Zills 16t motor pulley with a keyway, his 300mm 15mm belts and torqueboards’ 36t wheel pulley.

All together this board runs great on torqueboards’ 218mm trucks. The rears are super tight and the fronts fairly loose, allowing for a nice ride.

At the moment, the board is running sensorless bldc as the motors sensor leads couldn’t reach the focboxs (so imma get some extensions to keep warranty lol).

I plan on eventually getting my motor amps up to something like 80a, which is already crazy strong. Even at 60a each motor i was beating raptor 2’s in acceleration tests hehe. This thing pulls like crazy and easily makes it up almost any hill. Full throttle is terrifying tbh.

According to my calculations i should get to about 52km/h. I’ve gotten to 35km/h and good god.

Range wise, the board should be getting 20-25kms of range. I’m still yet to test this due to rain and an injury to my knee.

If you’re wanting to see some of the build process be sure to check out the build log at the top.

And if anyone’s interested, here is the 79 page 15.5k word write up i did on the previous design: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_6fNi725oo2azab40xXREACMhu1g7xu5

Here are the photos of the build: Screenshot_20181107-175958_Gallery Screenshot_20181107-180106_Gallery Screenshot_20181107-180034_Gallery the esk8 Sydney group: 20181102_225839 Final build: 20181107_180935 thanks for wasting your time reading this and if you have any questions be sure to ask :wink::heart:


Looks awesome mate. Glad they went on there lol


me too ay, bloody tight fit but goes like the clappers


They are good motors. Did you do a quick grub screw check? Just go round and pinch them up to be safe or the bearings will self destruct. Especially the rear one.


yeah they’re all good. Might pull them out and loctite them for my own sanity though. Did you use that collar that comes with the motor?

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Looks the tits Matty!!! (For all the non Aussie viewers… that means it looks really good). Can’t wait to see it in the flesh!!


Can’t wait for you to get yours moving and out of the workshop!!! Cheers brother :heart:


Yeah took me a while to work out what the hell it was. Yeah goes in first on the shaft to hold everything tight although imo the juries still out on how much effect it actually has but wasn’t willing to take a chance lol


i havent put em on bc i havent been bothered to cut them because they’re too long lol. I’ll see how they go :slight_smile:

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Looks awesome Matt. Glad it worked out. Be safe :call_me_hand:

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Nice build mate, if I ever go to Sydney I know who I’ll be drag racing with.

Btw I get 20km ish on 12s5000mah 20c, I weigh 60kg

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You need 12s, 10s is for p****** :sunglasses:


so i should pretty easily get 20-25km on 8ah

Looks awesome man!

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They shouldn’t be too long. They slide right inside the motor can.

nah they slide in fine, but because i need to put the motor pulley so close to the motor mount, i need to cut the collar down

I don’t have them on anymore. I have them on the front trucks on my 12s as wheel spacers. They get the wheel base front and back identical on tb 218’s :smiley:

damn what a good idea lol, i ended up using just m8 washers from bunnings lol

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Hey dude. How did you get the dickyho mounts on the TB 218 trucks? Did you have to grind or sand the trucks or the mounts? I can’t get close to a fit with them. Thanks.