Tapping into vesc to light up your Christmas tree set up

Whos getting juice out of the vesc connections and what kind of strips are u using 5v/12v and the length and number of leds to stay below 1A @5v

Lol crickets


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I know right, it looks like no one is getting power out of their esc’s, they all use ubecs

I’m actually curious about this for my own setups. Hmmm maybe we just gotta try it and see for ourselves. For science…

Don’t blow your vescs lol

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I have a so high-powered led on my setup. But it is setup parallel with my vesc. The wire connecting the led is of the right thickness to restrict the amps going to the led.

Just look on the box of your Xmas lightings, it should state a Watt rating. Knowing this you can calculate the max allowed amps by using formula I = P/U

been doing a little bit of research and asking chaka a lot, and theres a few places from where you can take 5v out of the vesc only problem is the 1A max before you blow your chip, so theres some 3528 even 5050 led strips that works on 5v now the thing is the lenght of your strip, in order to make it work with the 5v @1A it would have to be one of those 30 leds per meter and max something like a meter to stay within those numbers, my board is 40 inch long and ideally i would like 2 strips on each side of the enclosure so i get that nice ground effect so its either compromising on the lenght and have one strip in the center so i get a somewhat simetric effect or get a sbec/ubec converter and tap those to my battery leads, thats why i created this thread to see some real life tests, no one wants to fry their escs for science hahahahahaha


http://cncskateboards.com/led_skateboard_lights.htm (edit, that link is dead now. I guess they didnt sell too well.)

My riser lights run right from the extra plug on my receiver and use less than 1A.

They are sold with AAA battery slots but i wired them up in parallel. Im not using them because vibrations are killing the heavy headlight bulbs, but it works and they are really bright.

Here’s what I was going to go with to step down the voltage from my battery.

Stepping it down from 42v max down to 12v. I’m going a different direction now. I don’t want any more parts in my system that can fail, so I’m going to go with a separate power source altogether. I’ve been looking at 18650 12v power banks!! Here’s a cheapy under $5 Shipped! http://www.ebay.com/itm/12V-9V-6V-5V-3-6V-Mobile-Power-Bank-Box-USB-6-x-18650-Battery-Charger-Adapter-/262455978197?var=&hash=item3d1b9868d5:m:m01lyGEqwp37egJTrVKvhPg This way I can have a rechargeable battery for my lighting system. It can be removable easily and I can use whatever type of batteries I want. You can charge your phone with it too. This is the way to go for me… Check it out!

It is convenient the thing i i run out of room under the board and with the vibrations the the whole deck gets i dont know bout that, also the amperage is not enough at 12v or even at 5v u might still be limited on the amount of leds and lenght of the strip

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