Tayto / Cronin / Dual 6355 / BOA 100mm

Just wanted to post my first build on here, as it’s been great to learn from all of you and piece this together.

Last year I bought a wowgo and swapped a 33" Jet Potato deck and paris trucks. It was a great intro board, might be for sale soon if anyone is interested.

New build is as follows:

Tatyo Deck Dual torque boards 6355 190kv Cast ronins with mounts from @marcmt88 and venom bushings F: 93a R: 95a/97a 36/15 pullies w/ 15mm belts 100mm BOA wheels Compression holder built 11s3p Samsung 30q from @Winfly Focbox unity

Took it for the first ride today got up to 29mph and still had quite a bit left in her. I think would top out in the mid to high 30s but probably won’t take her that high unless I have some very ideal conditions, this ride was around central London.

On to the pics Screenshot_20190323-105636_Photos 20190618_150329 20190407_184643 20190618_120101 20190316_192837 20190202_142107 20190202_142111 Screenshot_20190626-122529_Strava


nice build! is the motor mount not too close to the enclosure? feels like it will dig in when you turn.


Rad build dude.

That’s one shiny deck

I ended up grinding down the corners of the mounts and moving the enclosure forward a bit to get the clearance. These mounts are great but a bit longer than some of the other ones.

How do you like those rons compared to the cal ii’s? Been running them for a while and they just don’t feel confidence inspiring on a board with a short wheelbase such as the tayto or spud.

I absolutely love them best truck I have ever ridden. I will say that on the stock red bushings they would be very squirrely with this much power.

Depending on your weight, you should dial in the correct front/ back stiffness that works for you. I am about 160 and these are perfect.

I’ve also been skating for 20 years and am confident going +45 on a long board w no bluetooth remote… it took me maybe an hour of riding to get fully confident on this setup. Today I got up to 33 and still had more left, each day feels more comfortable as i get used to it.


Yeah they are awesome, just cant stress enought that you will want to take those red bushings out before putting any real power through them

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