TB 12s 2A charger LiPo compatible?


title says it all. Can anyone tell me if I can use the TB 12s 2A charger (https:///collections/battery-chargers/products/12s-2a-battery-charger) to charge by LiPos using a BMS?

I’m asking because I cannot find any information about the chargers voltage or if it is cc/cv. They state that the charger can be used with they battery packs (of course :stuck_out_tongue:) but those Li-Ion packs.

And since it is weekend for now I thought I can ask the community :slight_smile:.

Thanks Andreas

Yeah it’s fine to use with lipo’s

Even tho they are not same chemistry they share the same voltage limits (at least similar) so they can use the same 3 steps charging method. As a matter of fact many lipo chargers put them in the same category li ion/ lipo. Just make sure not to discharge over 2.8 on li ion and 2.7 on lipo and you are good. Btw 3.3 and 3.7 prefered for long life. 4.2 is the same HVC.

!!! NEver discharge a lipo below 3.0V. That causes permanent damage and can be dangerous, possibly causing puffing when charging to full again.

I cutoff my batteries at 3.4V to be safe and have been running with the same set for about 600 miles (Zippy Compact).

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3.0v is lowest a lipo can go, 2.5v is the lowest a li-ion can go

^these are the absolute lowest.

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Charger would be fine if it’s for a 12S battery. Just make sure you use the same 2.1*5.5 charging port which is standard.

Ok, thx guys. Then I’ll order this thing.

I agree but I am talking about the chemistry limits. 2.7v is the point of no return of lipo. The damage is permanent if a cell goes that far. I personally try to discharge them to 3.7v Li ion is 2.8v 2.5 is the limit for a few cells. In both cases 3.3v is a safe lvc