TB 6374 motor making odd sound

I have less then 25 miles on the motor and it started making this weird and obnoxious noise at a certain speed. I dunno what it is and if it is a major problem with the motor or not. It’s hard to describe what it sounds like, but it only makes the sound at around half of full rev. Here’s a video:

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i’m confused. what’s the problem exactly?

Sounds like a bearing that or spin it if u hear clicks, I have a extensive history with tb motors ruining 8 of them


Sounds like a loose magnet to me vibratining and making the harmonic.

Or what exiled said a bearing.


It just started making that sound and I’m not sure if it is a problem or not. It is much louder than the normal sound the motor makes at that speed and the sound is different than what I have heard one of my other two TB 6374s make.

Does it make the same noise without the pulley on it?

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It’s just dirt in your motor clean it with rubbing alcohol. If it doesn’t solve the problem then open up the can and check for problems.

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I blew it out with a compressor and it sounds the same

Yes it does

What can you do about a loose magnet?

Glue it back with super glue let it cure for 2 days, but if you broke the magnet nothing much you can do .

Thank you.

Super glue seems a bit skeptical. I would suggest locktite (646?) would be best

Yeah that thing is like 200$ am not spending 200$ to fix one motor, super glue worked for me then I broke a magnet same motor.

my bad wrong number, $22 on eBay


duuuuuude guess what… it gets worse lol. Contact torqueboards and they may help you out. This was mine. It was definitely loose magnets and maybe bearings plus my magnet spacing ring around the top of the can came loose. This was after it had progressed into a horrid noise but it started the way yours did.

Compare to these running 10s in BLDC mode with no sensors.

They are just plain noisy in BLDC mode especially the 6374’s My 6355’s are much more quiet and have less drag as well.


You Definitely have something wrong in there. Better open that motor up and have a look.

Fortunately I worked out a deal with torqueboards! They’re pretty good guys!


Sounds identical to what I experienced a while back. Maybe it’s even the same motors? Check this thread


Several magnets were loose…