TB DD motors.... Oh now I see I was sold motors that were never going to work anyway

So I bought two sets of torque board direct drive motors with the all-terrain adapters two torque board 12s4p batteries which but those have been great but my first set of motors burned out immediately and I’m setting up the second set right now after not getting any response from torque boards about the motors breaking down and I see it’s not recommended to use the at adapters in the two wheel setup spectacular anybody have any success just going through their credit card company to get their money back for being sold basically motors promise to work that end up not working at all ever and you’re out $2,000?

I think I spent 3 or 4,000 bucks with them about half the stuff I got worked the other half was shifting correctly I guess I’m just posting this cuz I spent an hour reading all the problems that people had with these motors and wondering why when I purchased them in 2020 in March and all these problems were happening in 2019 they’re still selling them but I guess they’re not selling the at adapters anymore anyway anybody wants to buy it instead of burnt out direct drive 75 KV motors from torque boards you pay the shipping I’ll give them to you for free sorry just frustrated I know Dexter’s heart and the whole crew over there is in the right place but how many people got effed out of thousands of dollars? Too many I will such as life in the DIY world ride it off and build another repeat.

Sorry that was really negative but I had to get that off my chest.

Spent enough money to be three quarters of weight to aqua super sport and what do I have to show for it Jack squat.

Long live LaCroix!


Hi there, sad you lost so much on them. so i understood cottectly, you are selling burned TB DD? I might be interested

Well, lesson learned here, is google it first.

Cause there’s been plenty of threads between here and the other forums, with almost daily photos of bent/broken TB DD drives.

DD’s arent proven and indeed might be between Belts and Hubs… that being said it has UNIQUE ways of failing which are pretty much a direct concequence of the concept behind DD… (not saying DD is bad, im saying besides prehaps Eloft/mad fury dd or older 2y tb dd drives are good, but the designs have not yet come to a point where we all agree. this is a realiable DD. where as with Outrunners/inrunners on the market (yes a DD is techncially one of these) theres alot more feedback.

What i dont understand is how did you “BURN out” your motors - Its not really something ive read happening. - also, you should refund your second DD they will also fail…

FYI the current design litteraly will always fail. it unscrewes itself in 2 different ways!

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Man that’s such a mess, very sorry you got messed around like that. Did you learn anything useful for the rest of us to know other than “don’t use them with the AT kit”?

I’d be interested in buying the dead ones, I’m an almost-engineer always looking for something interesting to take apart and butcher. No hard feelings if @OleksiiF beat me to it though

Thanks for the sympathy and kind words. I do have two motors left that are still working so I am going to try and use those on a 10s 4p battery and switch them out on another board I have a Halo beast board that was direct drive that I got 4 years ago that has got over 2500 miles on it and still going strong never would have thought that company would have put out such a reliable board before direct drives were even really being talked about.

But I got an extra Unity laying around so I figured I will try the motors out with a 10s battery and a unity and see if I can breathe a little extra power into that board and I’m just anxious and chomping at the bit to see how the 15-in hangers that I modified to fit the motors will work out with another set of 15-in double kingpin trucks on the front and turn that board into something that I would enjoy riding again.

Ever since I’ve got into the channel truck mountain board style trucks that are 18 in wide I just I’m addicted to super wide trucks. I have converted all of my other builds that have double kingpin trucks on them to 15 inch double kingpin and it’s just made them all so much more enjoyable I guess I like the longer more sweeping carves than the more whippy tighter turning radius style carving it you get out of it 12 and 13 inch double King pins. I’m also going to tear down the other two sets or the other two motors rather that are burned up and try to learn about how to rehab in those and learn about what the design flaws were and how they may be fixed I also have an engineering degree although no stamp and have an engineered much since college but I’d love to tinker and constantly learn I really do love direct drive motors it would be so wonderful if I could figure out how to get them designed correctly so that direct drives would be an option that have a lot of torque and power but until then I will be a belt drive man slowly upgrading all his belt drives to gear drives which after putting the Falcon drives on my lone Star never thought I could be more in love with that board but gear drives just make it so so much sweeter!

Thanks for the offer and thanks for being awesome and again apologies for bringing such negative and bitching to this forum which there should be no place for that just positivity collaboration and helpfulness is what I will endeavor to bring in the future.

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It should be known that Dexter treats his business as a clown. So no worries.

I have his 6380 sensored motors which came with a Kaly.nyc geardrive, but the sensors are dull, when asking for advice, the guy just laughs at me and says sensorless is the way to go cause all sensored motors are shit.

So he obviously hasn’t got any decent quality control, or decent manners for customer service. Let alone, that this guy needs to design a DD.

#RantOverToo #StayClearFromTorqueDork

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TorqueDork, thats a new one i like it.

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Sorry to hear - i know you were stoked about that Kaly NYC setup


Very stoked about this kaly drive. I was also hoping to monitor my motor temps, But unmounting all of it for replacing the temp resistor is already a pain thinking about it. Hope the magnets hold. Solid performer so far