TB mounts on TB trucks. The secret sauce?

What is the exact process you guys are using to get these tightened down? I’m sure there is an order that makes the most sense for tightening the set screws.

Are you drilling a pilot hole in the truck?

Have they ever come loose?

Let’s hear it!

Jb weld

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Depends on what version your using.

C clamp version with large bolt and set screws or Solid version with just set screws I have both versions and no problem with them coming loose without using JB weld.

Solid with only set screws.

I second JB Welding it. Get it over with now before you have to later. I ride in chicago, and have had multiple problems with blue threadlocker not holding this mount firm. I just have shitty streets tho.

If you have the version with 4 grub screws then you will only really use 2 adjacent screws to secure the clamp to the hanger. The other two are only there for security.

Just out of curiosity are bothering clamp and the hanger aluminum or is the clamp steel?

If both are aluminum the get it welded, should cost less than 20 bucks and will be good forever.

They have to be the same type of aluminum, otherwise you run into issues with uneven heating n shit. (alloys also cause problems too) A good welder should be able to do it, but its not easy.

Used wire shrink wrap on truck about where I wanted the truck. It took some work to stretch it over the truck but it fit. Then I used the tightening screw that came with the mount, and threaded backwards with a piece of hardener steel between the c-clamp. So as you tighten the screw it would push against the bit of steel and forced the c-clap to open wider. Once I had the mount in place I loosed the screw and it snugged right down rock solid. Then I just threaded the screw in the right way and tightened down the c-clamp down. The shrink wrap helps fill in the gaps between the mount and the truck, and makes a solid mounting.