TB VESCS, OBED Backpack, Spot welder, other stuff for sale

Hey guys, I’m selling a few parts from an old build: 2 x TB VESCS - $70 ea SOLD


1 x OBED Backpack, Used and has minor imperfections at the bottom of the bag - $130 image

2 x TB 36T wheel pulleys - $20 ea SOLD


1 x Aulakira’s Custom Spot Welder w/ Turnigy Battery - $130 SOLD


PM if your interested.

Where are you located?


What kind of battery and is it the complete set? Pen ?

Atlanta, GA

Yeah except they are 36T, not 40. I knew I got something wrong.

Its this battery specifically. It won’t come with the soldering Iron though, but the welding pen is included.

Would you ship the spot welder to UK, or could point me in the direction of where to get one of those. In dier need of making a pack n need a spot welder. Is it anygood

Unfortunately I can’t. Global shipping is always a hassle for me.

Anybody get a hold of this guy or have a phone number? Bought the Obed bag from him last month and now he’s disappeared.

Wanted to make sure he’s okay or if anyone knows him personally or has contact info before I set up a PayPal claim.