Tb218 hanger upgrade?

Hi, I’ve been riding my new build https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/ass-kicker-hummie-with-bigben-enclosure-modified-marcmounts-fsesc-dual-6-6-6374-190kvs/71446 for a week now and I’m loving being able to hit gravel tracks and woodland tracks as well as crap tarmac…

It strikes me that my tb218s are probably not designed for this abuse and that I’ll bend them sooner or later… what options to upgrade the hangers are there given that I will want to reuse my marcmounts and dual 6374’s?

Are @Kug3lis hangers a direct swap?

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Yes and expecting mine any day, now. Will post pics once they arrive.


Received mine a day ago. They fit the caliber base plates like a glove as intended. Just needed to force it down through the king pin hole as the paint was rubbing but just put in abit more force and it went through just fine, just got a bit of the black paint off where the king pin made contact with the hole when first attempting to mount it


image image

Hope this helps!


Are they from a group buy? Can’t see them on his website…

I know a group buy was in order but you can try to ask @Kug3lis He’s easy to work with!

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What’s the word on these bad boys?


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Yes! They are great!

I’m going to get a pair soon and design/make a mount for it.

I might wait until black Friday and see if they have a sale. Surfrodz had one last year and they were $90 a set iirc

Those trucks can fit dual 6374


They are the tits.