Tb218 truck 33euro

new torqueboards 218mm truck for sale. best option for dual 6374 motors as you use caliber/ronin whatever 180mm truck in the front and get far better turning than using two 218mm truck front and back. perfect for carvon owners too 33euro plus shipping Single truck in packaging brand new


Please specify if you ship only to EU or other countries as well.

worldwide shipping

That’s a pair or a single truck you’re selling ? You should specify in the title 1x or 2x (I mean : a pair at 33€ is sick, a single truck at 33€ no fucking way unless precision type)

it says a “truck” so only one.

And in @stormboard1 s defense, it is a fair price. You can buy a pair for 81€ from DIY delivered to Europe so theoretically he could sell it for 40.5€ and it would still be fair.

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True I was a bit carried away, no way to find a CNC truck for this price either. Wish a fair sale !

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Shame I would have been interested in a pair :disappointed_relieved:

Do you still have one truck?

No I don’t bud just got nano x remotes for sale…cheapest around :wink: