TB218 trucks dont fit bearings

Recently got a new pair of TB218 though one side of one of the trucks is a bit to big and the bearings wont slide on no matter how i try, anyone know why this is or how i could fix it? Cheers in advanced for any responces


@AdamE3399 - Send us an email. If so, we’ll send a replacement out.

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you didn’t buy left and right side bearings?


Since when is there left and right side bearings? Trucks are symmetrical


No one likes a tattle tail lol

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You could try to stick one end into a drill and slowly rotate it while sanding the axle.


You’re not using cheap China bearings? I’ve noticed that some of my cheap ones are not spaced correctly and therefore couldn’t fit on the axle.

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No im using Bones Reds bearing and i tried putting the bearing into a vice and drilling but it seems to be to strong, im not really looking for a replacement cause shipping to australia is too long just any ideas on how to fix it?

Wait, why are you drilling the bearing!

I’m saying to hook one end of the axle up to a drill while you sand the other end, sort of like a makeshift lathe.

Get a 100grit sand paper and lightly sand that axle down, followed by a 400grit. There might be burrs on it or what not preventing your bearing from sliding in.


Oh i see what you mean i will give that a go

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So I ended up filling around the edge of the axle because there was a lip of metal that was stopping the bearing so ive managed to file that all down and now it fits


Glad it worked out!

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