TBE (To Be Electrified) Trampa Urban Carver | APS 8072S | ESCape | 12s4p

Mechanical side complete, now waiting on the electronics.


  • APS 8072S 165KV
  • ESCape
  • 12s4p 30Q (looking for a Kaly enclosure…)
  • DieBieMS


+1 because of TBE :joy::rofl:

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I feel like I am in exile, not welcome in the kingdom of longboarders or the kingdom of esk8ers.:joy:

i think its night where almost alle the people live.

Update: I’m so sorry, I’ve done terrible things to the motor mount to fit the 8072S. It uses M5 screws so I had to widen the centre M4 slot and drill new upper and lower slots.

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