Teaching new dog old trick. sled training

Started training my pup to skateboard run. Used to have very good border collie doggies trained. Dog is half CHIhuahua/Pitbull. She has been trained on a retractable leash, attached to my DIY bungee leash. Almost forty feet, so she darts about, unhindered, relatively.

Started on my eglide 400watter, but it is too dangerous for these streets etc.

Got out on new board and started slow. Maybe 5 to 7 mph. Doggie darts and stops randomly, and I keep going. Yank her while giving lets go command. She is learning that staying on track is the only way.

Sandy stopped dead, I was going maybe 5mph, To avoid running her over, I hit brakes, board stopped dead, I go forward. I had to drop to avoid falling on dog, and tapped remote on ground, no mark, but somehow wound up with hurt knees, and that wrist. Lesson learned, it takes very little to cause damage. Even with no marks, and no impacts.

Board ran into her rear, and I think she learned not to stop in the way.

I will soon start to pull leash to the side, while yelling right or left. Slow is the important one, and she doesnt even begin to understand.

I plan to do a youtube when she gets up to speed. Teaching how to run dog in street safely.


It’s super important to have your dog heel to the side of you and not in front for all sorts of applications. Glad you and the pup are ok!

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While COVIDDING, all her walks since getting her, are on thirty foot leash, on a golf course. PROPER leash training not at all.

This is from scratch. I was RUINED by my borders. They picked it all up in a flash. Had left and right down cold.

This running in the street USED to be a ticket able offense. Thankfully, much of that is going away. TECHNICALLY, I could be ticketed for the bungee leash, as it is longer than 6 feet.

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Well, it has been about a week and, my girl is flying, she stays away from poles and such that could tangle the leash. She got that down from the golf course running. She now stays away from the front of board, unless tempted by a dog or such. She is ignoring other dogs barking etc, with just a glance, while running. All my running is on sidewalk. About ten plus mph.

I havent gotten to slow, and right left yet, but she lets up for the direction change.

Even uphill, she pulls so hard that I lightly touch the throttle. On the downhill, it is all brakes.

She is 18lbs, and all muscle. Yearns to have a full throttle outlet.

At first, the bother of an animal, darting and ignoring, made me despondent. She was behind the eight ball. Not a natural. But already, she is capable of not causing me any braking or avoidance incidents. I still keep it slow, so any screwups are simply absorbed.

She will suffice nicely. She is smart, just too smart to follow commands.