TeamGee Challenge; Can i build a board that will outcompete a TeamGee

For reference I will be using this board by Team Gee

My goal is to reproduce a skateboard with equal or better range on a budget no greater than what TeamGee is selling this board for. I will update this thread with parts i choose, feel free to discuss or ask or inform And later on i will update with actual build

This is the spec sheet for that board, what exactly are you wanting to improve on, everything?

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Where in the world you at?

If you are in the USA get a cheap battery from and throw it on a build and go forever.

It’s pretty easy to cheap out on the drivetrain but it depends on how much performance/ future upgradability you want.

hi, Roark, i always interested about the Teamgee electric skateboard that you challenged, is there any news can share?thank you :smiley: