Tear a Raptor Battery apart (Space Cell 3?)

Hey guys. Some of you have seen me around here, some of you haven’t. Gotta question that’s been killing me! I have an Enertion Raptor 1. I also have a spare battery for it. I think it would be considered a space cell 3. Here’s my dilemma… I’m building my first e-board and I want to use it. I have the space cell enclosure http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/space-cell-pro-enclosure/ and am wondering if I can tear apart this spare Raptor 1 battery and use it in the enclosure? If I can, how? What do I need to know or do? I’m a total super noob at this stuff at the moment and need the details. I’m learning as I go. I actually bought a solder station and did my first mod the other night adding a Bluetooth module to the stock vesc on the dual Raptor that I bought. So I know I can do whatever! I’m a fast learner. :wink: Any help would be appreciated. I love this forum. It’s the best!!!

It’s possible. Just tear away the outer PVC shrink tube.

The cells are in special cell holders so won’t fit directly into the grooves of the case but there is room for it anyway.

The peripheral components can basically be positioned wherever you want.

Should be a fairly simple mod. Probably can avoid soldering. But if you have to do any it will just be wires.

Have fun.


Thanks for the feedback man. I’m glad you’re the 1st answering this. Shows a lot. You seriously have been my biggest motivation here. I would’ve never been a part of this e-board scene if it weren’t for you! I’ll definitely have fun! #enertionkillseverything

This thread might help.

I need to open mine up to replace the power switch, so I’ve been looking around for info.
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