Teemo M1-battery?


I have the teemo board M1 and I would like a better battery (more range, even when the battery is running out of power). I want to buy batteries. not produce. price up to $ 250 (sorry-google translatešŸ˜) Thank you,Mark (CZ)

Are you asking about what type of cells to use, where to source them or if it is possible?

The Teemo M1 has a significantly improved battery (DOUBLE discharge rate than Samsung 22P cells) which allows you to maintain high speeds even when your battery is running low. I have an old battery and the power drops with the falling battery. and I would like to increase the range - and maintain the original performance. If possible, and if necessary some recommendations. I will search for links. (perhaps it will be understandable) thank you very much.

Are you looking for a prebuilt pack or the individual cells to make one yourself?

Looking at the Teemo M1, it looks like those generic Meepo type boards. Maybe @dickyho can help? Try looking here to see if thereā€™s anything that would fit.



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This is what your looking for.

I would personally choose to swap batteries and buy a samsung 6.0 from ownboard.

Or you can get the sanyo which has like 25-30km range.

These boards all use the generic same stuff. Meepo, wowgo, ownboard, teemo.

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