Tenka powers, but refuses to go skating

So I commissioned my new longboard using my free Tenka from Bro-ing it out here, and now I need your help.

It did it’s christening ride just fine and cruised happily, then charged it up, on the next time I took it outside, the VX1 remote connects fine, but the wheels don’t spin.

So I opened up the Enclosure, connected the VESC tool no fault, no spinning. So I reset everything and recommissioned the Motors and App. And it worked just fine, although it did seem to spin for longer that it should have, it went from the remote. So I powered it off, and put it in the ‘working e-sk8 pile’.

Went to go out for a lunchtime spin, and same problem immediately, as soon as I turn it on, remote shows the Tenka is powered and receiver connected. But no spinning wheels again!.

Anyone got any ideas what could be going on?


maybe it just doesn’t feel like it man.

I mean ESK8-Bro.

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It’s a motor controller, not a girlfriend.

When I say it’s time for a skate, I hope my Focbox agrees.

Currently I’m recovering a Bluetooth module from another board to be able to swear at it over BLE with the lid still on.

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