Tesla P100D Battery

I’m using this pack for my next E-Mountain Board


Are you sure about the amp rating?

I can’t tell if this is sarcastic or not…

Im serious. What cell layout are you trying to use on your mountain board? the entire pack can put out 1760 amps. But thats the entire pack

That was a complete joke, there is no way I’m using a huge ass battery pack like that. And my mountain board build is many years away

lol well i took it as you were going to take some of the cells out of the huge pack to make into a mountain board battery which is totally reasonable!

True, but I would still have to either own and ruin a Tesla, or buy a pack for too much money

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I wonder how much these salvage cars go for… I know someone on another forum was selling salvaged Tesla batteries.


It really is not worth the hassle. I don’t think these cells have they high of a discharge rate either.

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oh man i’m super into this stuff, salvaging busted EVs for cheap cells, once more teslas get wrecked (hopefully with their owners unharmed, of course), those cells will make their way into cool EV conversion projects.

I’m not sure what kind of discharge rates these cells can produce.

I’m sure they would be fantastic for ebikes or larger vehicles.

Eboards can only hold so many cells. I’d be interested though.

my board has a pack built using tesla cells, it’s a 10S5P battery and that was the only point I was really happy with the discharge current capacity. Each cell is good for about 8-10A continuous, 15 burst. I really need to get a decent Ammeter on my board and see how much im actually drawing from the pack though.

Here’s the forum thread for the cells on the other forum: https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=67661

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I bought an 8s14P pack from that guy (edison motors he calls his company). They are fucking great cells. I used them for that EDF experiment and they delivered the amps I needed :smiley: custom spot welded and everything for 500 bucks.

this picture shows half the pack (4s14p) he added the copper strips when he heard I wanted to pull 200A from it

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Eh that kinda forces us to use at least 5p configs to be safe. Not that useful.

Great for range though, and I’m pretty sure with a single motor setup you can get away with a standard 10S4P battery.