Texas wSk8 in Galveston & Fort Worth areas?

Looks like I will be in Texas for the next two weeks. Brought along eSk8 but wanted any pointers from locals on good places to go in Fort Worth and Galveston areas. I will be in both spots, but development not know much about the area so any suggestions much appreciated!

In FW, go to Trinity Park. There’s a paved trail that runs along the river and by the zoo. There’s a good spot for food/drink on the trail called The Woodshed.

Also downtown FW would be a fun ride at night. It’s really lively and well lit, cars aren’t going very fast. Watch out for horses, ha but seriously.

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Great, I will be staying near the zoo area so that works. Anyplace in particular downtown, I have never been downtown (and assume it is obvious where that is lol)?

There’s a long path that runs along Galveston Bay and the seawall. It would be a fun ride


NIce, will 97mm uro wheels work for these Beachy trails or better to plan on AT pneumatics?

They are smooth concrete trails from what I remember. Or at least the one along the seawall is. I bet any of those trails on MapMyRide where they list “road cycling” should be great with your 97mm wheels

(Used to live in Houston but it’s been 2 years or so since I was in Galveston)

Awesome, all of this help is great. Flying blind otherwise lol. Think I will stick with my carvon v2.5 hubs with 97mm, seems to be able to soldier through most surfaces fine and indestructible so far.