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So I’ll start.





If I had to guess, I would say they are battery pcbs. Same as

Better yet, Here they are

if the github link printed on the side of the pcb is up to date.

I honestly thought they were chocolates for a second!


Yep. Battery pcb’s. I just got back from vacation. Ill post the gerbers later today.


What do they do?

They provide:

-structure to the p-group -common busses for welding -easy to implement cell-level fusing -easy to create flexible battery packs for flexy decks like trampa, etc. -easy p-group maintenance/repair


New PCB’s are up.

the .zip files have the gerbers if you want your own made. The ESK8SQUAD PCB’s are single-sided, so should be less expensive to produce.


I think you want the other thread.

This one:


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are you going to get them made in bulk and resell?

it’s great you’ve made the gerber available but don’t really wanna get them made…

I had 100 of the 3p and 4p made up. the first batch i made sold out before i could use them for my personal boards.


oh geez.

well…when you get some more made, please shout, i could probably use a few dozen…

Myself as well. I’m finally in that boat! Building buses with braided copper is a pain in my ass!!! And i have a few more builds in mind. Those ones look killer!

kind you find on your pillow at hotels lol


Always thought I was the weird one because I don’t like sleeping with chocolate on my pillow

We have some still left until sold out afterwards we are not going to make them anymore :slight_smile:

Our also includes balance wires joining via ribbon cable :slight_smile:


hey man i’ve seen these on kaly.nyc battery packs what is this? do you cell fuse then pcb fuse as a secondary redundancy?

You can do that, or you just solder the nickel to the tabs, and then join them by wire / wire mesh. On our version you can solder a small jumper and have ribbon cable joining all pcbs to make balance wire on one end. No need for single wires all around the pack (prevents wear cut balance wire shortening in the pack or etc many fires started because of this :slight_smile: )

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Do you know how many amps they can handle ? This must be better than Nickel metal

The traces are 15mm wide. These are made with 1oz copper and can handle 20A with a 15C rise in temp. As they handle more current they will get warmer.

The first set of PCB’s I made were made with 2oz copper, and they were overkill. Also way costlier - like double the price.

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