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TF4M / Fibretech Allround fats 970 / SK3 6364 213kv / 12S LiPo

In contrast to all of the really nice builds here I would like to share the build of my rather quick and dirty “proof of concept” board. It all started with a leftover motor SK3 6364 213kv and some unused LiPos. Idea was to get started quickly, throw something together, see if it works and see if I’m having fun. If yes, build something higher quality later. So I needed a board and decided to go with this beauty, a Swiss Fibretech Allround fats 970. Love the slight flex and concave.

  • Motor mount, 12mm belt drive and VESC from Enertion, 13T by 36T, really like to old Enertion alu pulley
  • 83mm Flyhweel clones, now that they are broken in I like them a lot
  • ugly but practical Tupperware battery enclosure, mounted by two 4mm bolts in the middle of the enclosure because the board has some flex. Holding up very well so far.
  • I always fit my stuff with Anderson PowerPoles, so it was easy to hook up 3 Zippy Flightmax 4S 5000mAh to 12S . Working very well, easy to take the packs apart and charge them individually using an iMaxB6
  • PowerPoeles als act as on-off, always with a big spark :unamused:
  • Enertion VESC and GT2B receiver in a low tech enclosure made out of a 3mm thick thermoplast called HobbyColour with an ugly looking lid out of a thermoplast called worbla
  • my SK3 6364 is the 213kV version and seems to be very well suited for ESK8. Had to file down the 8mm shaft in order to fit the keyed 13T pulley, using some locktite, no grub screw Filing the shaft

Fitted pulley, the shaft is just long enough

finished board

VESC in enclosure

Ugly worbla lid

Things that need(ed) improvment:

  • Badwolf enclosure waiting for modification
  • motor was rubbing on motor wires - need adjustment and some hot glue
  • motor wire came undone due to vibrations - hot glue :slight_smile:
  • heat issue with VESC when doing long climbs, need to look into that (gearing, heatsink, voltage)
  • no antispark

Really happy with my first build, very fast and powerful board, clearly identifiable as DIY. I’m getting great reactions when riding it and could have sold it a couple of times already. Despite it’s rough and unfinished looks.

Thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far.

On a side note: anybody else riding in Zurich or Switzerland?


How fast is the iMax b6 charger?

Depends on your external power supply and akku capacity … :slight_smile:
You can set the charge current and it goes up to 5A.

I’m happy with it and like the built in balance charging sockets from 1S to 6S

@ArmandR Depends on your battery’s capacity.

The iMax B6 can output up to 50W when charging

What kind of top speed are you hitting?

@Chris_KP I’ve hit 40km/h not even full throttle but too scared to sustain that speed for long. Will have to do some top speed measures clad in leather.
Too fast for me (TF4M)


Wow that impressive and scary!