Thank you, Enertion! (that's not sarcasm)

I don’t have long to type this, but I feel compelled to say it.

The newsletter is FANTASTIC!

THAT is the kind of communication I’ve wanted to see for ages! Well-written (nary a spelling error in sight :stuck_out_tongue:), very detailed and even lots of photos of the production facility (which is very interesting, if nothing else).

Ever since I discovered electric skateboards last year I’ve strongly supported Enertion, even through the pain and suffering of production delays, shipping crap, team replacements (and associated legal issues) and some pretty extreme negativity from a lot of forum members. It sounds like you’re finally close to being on top of everything and back on track.

Thank you for communicating so well recently. @onloop, you did good man! Exciting times!


Lots of people love to throw shade at Enertion and I suppose I get it. Jason is guilty of being a capitalist (no crime in my book), and customer service hasn’t always been stellar. That said, he has been and continues to be one of the primary drivers of the esk8 world…especially the DIY esk8 world. Their products, while admittedly not perfect, are pretty damn solid. My first board was a dual raptor 1, a bit scary to learn on, but what a blast I had on that thing! I hope Enertion does get their house in order and continues to find success.


Bravo Enertion! Ordered a pair of Foxboxes at 9:30am UK time on Monday, and they’ve just arrived.