Thank you Segway!

I didn’t realize Segway was suing the shit out of some 13 companies/manufacturers making those cheapo self-balancing scooter over patent violations. I will NEVER call them hoverboards.

Whatever gets these flaming pieces of shit off the streets, even if it is patent litigation that does it, will make me happy.

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The backstory over a year ago: chinese clones wanted to buy the rights to make similar devices as the Segway and wooed the owner but he said no so they said we’ll make them anyway and did

Someone posted pics of all the vehicle types Segway has a patent on es and they’ve got patents for every type of vehicle u can imagine. Great thread about all the old stuff I mention over there

Do you have a link for that thread ?

I worry about potential restrictions on eboards and ebikes resulting from the negative press surrounding “hoverboards”, but the boards themselves are just novelty items. It’s really the cheap Chinese manufacturing that’s to blame. They should face legal consequences…if its patent infringement that brings them down, so be it.

what I wrote earlier is just a snippet of the legal mess

haha i gotta hold on to mine maybe till be worth something later

I do think that the patent is much too broad. Self balancing devices can be a big part of future transport. to my knowledge, Segway isnt much an innovator in the field anymore and shouldn’t be the gatekeeper on the subject.

It doesn’t matter whether or not they are an innovator or not at present, what matters is the innovative idea they edeveloped at the time, which they have the right to defend now.

The original inventor of the hoverboard reportedly also patented his 4 years ago !?

Patents, much like religion, are one of the few things keeping the poor from killing the rich. Just about anything can be made cheap enough in reasonable quantities for a garage guy to make and sell it and make money. Patent licensing is a killer though. However, if i invented something with no prior art and that wasn’t blatantly obvious, i would want to defend it and demand royalties, so in general i support patents. Its the cottage industry of holding patents you didn’t create and suing everyone over them while not creating any products with it that starts me drinking and yelling.

in the link i put up it describes the burden put on the government to stop other businesses for selling things that are patented. a lot of money and time.

from talking to people about getting my hub motors patented it seems despite the seemingly small cost of 400$ to apply for one the costs go on and on. I decided not to bother. I’m covered at least to a certain degree in that the manufacturer that makes them is legally required not to sell my products to others. Anyone could reverse engineer and copy the dimensions detail for detail but no one else sells the same size stators so copying the design exactly is pointless. I do plan on selling them super cheap though to stop would-be copiers.

I dont like patents. they slow down progress. I’m a socialist though. And they create too much bureaucracy. speaking of…I’ve been sub teaching and the school system is such a monster…I havent done a spot of work in days but am getting paid sitting at this desk and that’s why I’m all over this site!!!

Hey Hummie, I’m not trying to troll you, but you don’t sound like a socialist to me. I assume you like the prospect of designing and selling your own motor. That’s capitalism. You also don’t seem to like the school system. That’s socialism. So to me, you sound a lot more like a capitalist than a socialist!

(just sayin… :smile:)

Socialism is a vague term and you’re right in ways. I like capitalism with more socialistic catches…like more taxes for the rich. the school system does suck and you have a point there.

Dont forget the prison system has more $$$ than the school system

There needs to be a toxic discussion section here like Es. I think I like the colors here. And the interest in onloops approach to a socialistic info site while maintaining his capitalistic goals. Both happen.

I could go on…prisons. Schools. Trump. Exciting times. Luckily I have an Irish passport and can run away if need be. As it is though I’m loving America because I live like a king on 14000 a year in San Fran

definitly, but I like how you mentioned trump. anything to add?

Most of the articles I’ve seen about the ban are completely wrong. What most people mean when they speak of hoverboards are the hands-free self-balancing scooters. These specifically don’t have an upright that is used for controls and rider support. The exclusion order (a link to the actual order) is about 3 patents that each specifically references using a control arm (the 048 patent). I’m not a patent lawyer, but I play one on the internet, but i think that means hands-free versions are not included in the GEO. Again, since I’m not a patent lawyer, it appears that 12 of the 13 brands mentioned settled (payed $$$) in order to continue doing business. Doesn’t that mean that the GEO only then applies to the 1 brand that didn’t settle?