The Bat Mobile | Trampa Brake Deck | E-Toxx Drive | Scorpion Power | 14s ESCs | 14s Lipo | Munkey Control

SHIT YEAH! Can’t wait to see this come together! :muscle:

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After a bit of hunting around I settled on this HV Step down adjustable switching regulator to power my receiver and ESC fans. Not a lot of options at 14s… :frowning: but this little switching regulator (converts voltage in little chunks rather than just wasting energy as heat) looks sweet :heart_eyes:

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After reading around a bit on the heli forums and what they do to maximize Tx-Rx reliability I decided to grab a bit more Scorpion swag, a: Scorpion Back Up Guard.

basically it plugs in to a the low volt Rx circuit I’ll run at 6/6.5v, and if it ever runs down to near 5v it will kick in and power my Rx & esc fans. So it helps with BEC brown outs as the heli boys call them, inductance induced BEC supply issues and BEC failure…

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I’ve been hunting around now for a while for a solid high amp connector solution, especialy for my 2 x 7s battery leads (14s) that I expect to get hit with around ~280 amps of current. 6mm xt150’s are not quite up to spec, or even the 7mm AS150’s are only rated at 200a :frowning: I see @Nowind just got rid of lots of his xt90’s on his 80mm Leo board…

So I’m going to give these a shot instead

Solid 6mm connectors from LMT rated at 400a… & when LMT say it’s good for 400a I trust them they are :laughing:

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Likely the cheapest performance mod/parts I’ve picked up thus far, maybe I should have got them in gold :joy: ?

essentially they counter balance the valve stem from inside the tube…


Looking forward to a update on these. I use modified counterweights for cars, self adhesive but they come loose after a couple of hard rides.

This looks like a good option, If it actually works :wink:

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great build. Love the scorpion motors. I had a bunch of them when I was a 3D RC geek back in the days. They are massively powerful. I wanted to do some build with them but these are getting expensive. Nice move on the beads. Really wondering how you can put that into a tubed tyre; you need to remove the valve right?

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I’m guessing just removing the schrader pin and getting them in there.

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yeah that’s it bro :slight_smile:

Scorpion have some motors on discount atm specifically this S-5525-170KV for $160USD would make a great duel 10s vesc 4.xx build without being crazy in price. It’s kind of the little brother to my motors :smiling_imp:

you just need to swap the motor shaft around :wink:


Thanks ! Maybe I’m not doing it right but this does not seem super easy to do, is it ?

read here @okp

How did you go @okp? You work it out…

You need to remove some little grub screws, pull it apart, press out the shaft (I used a drill press, a arbor press will work to). Then re-assemble in reverse with the new shaft. I bought new 8mm shafts from Scorpion. You could use the old shaft or even make some from 10mm drill blanks. Again all the info needed was in the above links. :sunglasses:

I used scorpion motos for my first build, and will use them again

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Yeah @Dornacht I wish they had a few more of their bigger motors in wind your own kits, I would like to try my hand at that. Which motor did you use bro?

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The 5030, going to be sending it in for warranty, because its discontinued I will helpfully be upgrading, if your keeping the threaded shaft, I did, I would suggest getting a nylon locking nut made out of steal vs the aluminum one

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Nah I used a couple of helicopter shafts, I linked them above.

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BTW about the balancing - i’ve noticed mountain board tires have a thick spot in one point, you can find it by pressing on the center with fingers. If you position the valve opposing that spot, it gets a lot more balanced.

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Hey man, is the thick spot you mentioned here super subtle? Checking a couple different tires I have (both Trampa and MBS) and I’ve been unable to find it.

thanks, I was referring to the micro ceramic balls. would love to get some photos on how to put them in the tyre

Easy @okp :sunglasses: This vid shows you how to remove your valve core and even make a tool if you do not already have one, sometimes they can be found on a bicycle multi tool for example. Once the core out is out pour in the beads through the valve stem then replace the core and fill the tube with air :innocent:

I made a small paper funnel I masking taped to the valve so I didn’t spill any why I jiggled the tube about to accept to beads :wink:

  • you don’t even have to take the tire or tube off the rim