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So I am still working out a few details, as I order stuff I thought I’d add it to my build here.

I’m in southern central Australia, on a island off of the southern coast. South from me is Antarctica. This build will be a bit of a project for me, a journey as well as a out come. I skated more as a teenager than now but I still ride my long board down the esplanade to work each day:) I’ve ridden bikes for a few years, from moto to supersport and back to supermotard… the only bike I regret selling was my Husaberg FS650 tard… and in that vein the esk8 bug has bitten and I want a eMTB. I want something I can play build and destroy myself… as I said it is a journey as well as a outcome for me.

As far as specs go I’m going to try and over engineer stuff, make it bullet proof best I can. It will be a learning experience. My thought is I want something I can ride like a motard, wheelie, skid, stoppie, maybe even back it in? So I’m going to pass on a VESC and go for a light switch with torque to spare. Watching Jens blow stuff up gunning the trigger I figure I should work in some head room and cover peak with my continuous?

so here goes

I’ll post up some pics of my ESC’s and motors…


Hah sounds deadly, definately show some progress when u have some :slight_smile:

Check @dinodave “adventures” when u got time, i think.he lives in tasmania or closw to nz, though probably not relevant and still far from you but his build.and struggle.has.stuck in my memory for some reason

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Sticking with my over spec/engineer philosophy: I have 2 x Scorpion Commander 59v 160A OPTO ESC’s these are airplane speed controllers and do not have a regen brake. But they are built well and over specified. The are rated to handle 14s (59v) and 160 continuous amps or 200 amps peak. I want to cover the peak consumption of my motors with in the continuous capacity of my ESC’s so that I can thrash the hell out of my board without having to worry. Some other cool features are: The housing for each controller also has a mount for a high speed 30mm fan and comes std with a YGE Typ 7 capacitor bank and a second active wire with (I think) a 4.7 ohm resistor to act as a antispark.

My two Commanders will be controlling 2 x Scorpion SII-5535-160KV They are specified as follows:

Stator Diameter 55mm (2.165 in) Stator Thickness 35mm (1.378 in) No. of Stator Arms 12 Magnet Poles 14 Motor Wind 16 Turn Delta Motor Wire 20-Strand 0.33mm Motor Kv 160 RPM / Volt No-Load Current (Io/10V) 1.11 Amps Motor Resistance (Rm) 0.027 Ohms Max Continuous Current 90 Amps Max Continuous Power 3750 Watts Weight 906 Grams (29.41 oz) Outside Diameter 66.4 mm (2.614 in) Shaft Diameter M8*1.0 Body Length 69.52 mm (2.737 in) Overall Shaft Length 116 mm (4.567 in) Max Peak Current 135 Amps Max Peak Power 5600 Watts Max Lipo Cell 12s Motor Timing 5deg Drive Frequency 8kHz

I’ll have a few challenges mounting them, but I think I have it covered… they look like fun and I grin each time I pick them up :smiling_imp:

Scorpions product nomenclature is a little different to other manufacturers the 5535 relates to stator length and width not motor shell diameter and length. As per the above specs the motors are a little over 64mm in diameter and nearly 70mm long (6470). Interestingly at 906g a piece they are heavier than any other motors of similar size I have looked at. Scorpion use high temperature capable magnets in there motors, that combined with the claimed 10hp (7500w) cont and 15hp (11200w) peak I am hoping that they will run pretty cool and ill be able to advance the timing considerably to move peak torque further up the rpm range.

Here are some stock images, it is dark and raining here atm


Thanks @Okami, I’m just off to take some pictures now. Waiting for some good light it’s pouring here atm. I searched out dinodave, yeah he is a bit east from me :wink:

I just ordered my deck decided to do something different and went with the winter camo…


I’m surprised about the finished project! Keep us updated. Good choice BTW. The board looks nice, especially in winter.



Yeah maybe I should have gone with “the joker” lol I hadn’t seen any other builds in winter Frank, I’m sure they must be out there? and that the camo will look cool dusty & dirty :sunglasses:

I also ordered a cast Mad Munkey from Joel @FLATLINEcustoms. Joel was super cool to deal with and is making up a remote for me in a custom colour to go with my motors/ esc’s…


I just ordered my YGE Caps 9, capacitor banks from Jenso (@Nowind) the ESC killing beast has been adding these to his Roxxy ESC’s for a while now since he set a few on fire. The capacitor banks tame the input spikes to the speed controllers caused from the inductance of the battery wires and mashing the throttle :sunglasses:

Great article on inductance induced spikes (why or when we should use a cap bank) referencing the R in the LRK motor wind we all use in our motors now…


@MoeStooge, I’m going for wheelie-fun :muscle: Wish I was stateside and I could hang with you guys at “Performance Day”. I can’t wait to see video, I bet forum traffic spikes on Sunday! Anyway, thanks bro

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Loving your work!

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I just hooked up a motor mount-drive train from @benjammin… well most of it, will need a few modifications, but the bones are there, hopefully I can talk the dark master of eMTB to help with a few more bits :wink:


Hey, you know this drive only fits matrix2 trucks right?

All good bro :wink: it’s a parts donor, I’m going to do something funky

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Not sure how many peeps noticed but my motor wires are on the other end of my motor from the motor shaft?

Well like a hub motor the shaft and shell all rotate together, after some research in other forums (I’ve been cheating on you eSk8 builders) I have watched some cool video on how to change my motor shaft and even how to make my own motor shafts from drill blanks and I have ordered some new HK-5035 shafts for my scorpion SII-5535 motors. Essentially it is not that hard depending on your motors construction. With a Scorpion it is easy, you just need some basic tools, loctite, maybe a dremel tool and definitely a arbor or drill press and your good to go.

Time will tell, my new shafts are in the mail :grin:

But it looks like i’ll be using a gear drive now :smiling_imp:

Letting @benjammin down on his sale was a bummer, but over a beer he took the news well :wink:


My @trampa just turned up in the post. Not sure exactly what I was expecting? The deck feels great in hand, and better than I thought underfoot having read that some do not get along with the convex form. I did have a pair of adi ease II on though and they have good outer edge support. All in all I’m stoked with the deck, Thanks Frank & Ted :tada:

I am a bit under-whelmed with the brakes though, not unexpected, so some work to do there to get the right feel.

I found a discontinued factory [reverse mounted scorpion motor] ( this morning Before I was sure I could work it out, know I know I have this in the bag… even has the circlip mount like I plan to use instead of the internal bearing shoulder/ridge.

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I flipped on my batteries, I was going to run 12s graphene, but I’ve gone for regular heavy duty Lipos at 14s for a bit more speed and the fact they come wired with 8awg from the factory. From the boards, 3D Heli guys are using a pair of these and draining them in under 4 minutes with no drama so I’m sure they will be more than enough for me.


just ponied up for a new icharger… I’m not going to run a BMS so… getting a cool charger instead :sunglasses:


Ok, now it’s getting real crazy :smiley:

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