The Best Bindings

Title speaks for itself. I’m looking at possibly getting bindings for my 27" semi build, wondering what you guys recommend.

I’ve only experienced the freeboard bindings, but I’d definitely recommend them. Only real con is they seem heavier than necessary…steel base, but very sturdy.

I’m going to get Freebord bindings as well for my jet spud build. I think @whitepony likes them. Is this for a mountainboard or longboard?

i think these bindings are a good compromise - if things go wrong, you actually get out of them quick enough to avoid a fall. downside of that is: you are not supertight in there compared to real ratchet bindings like trampa and I have to put pressure outwards so that I stay locked in … and well yea, because of the hook design they are fairly heavy. surely you can swap out steel for aluminum though - that should reduce a lot of weight. seems okp is doing that as we speak! :slight_smile:

I think he will do all CF ones :grinning:

It’s kind of a mini board… My thoughts on bindings is that it’ll be awesome to do a few tricks, and for a small board these things will help keep me in place when accelerating