The Best Portable and Reliable Controller

I’m looking for a super compact (fits in pocket) and readily available controller, but it seems every controller that fits this nature is also somewhat unreliable (Example: winning remote). I was going to purchase the MIB controller however that looks to be currently out of stock and I don’t intend upon waiting months for the Nano-x controller. So, with that being said, any suggestions or recommendations?

Gt2b with mastercho mod, i was able to buy both for like $50

Cheap. reliable, compact. Been using it for months with zero connectivity issues. Battery also lasts over a week


That looks perfect! Just curious, are there normal bind pins for the receiver?

It doesn’t bind like the winning or gt2b. You just hold the power button on the remote down to bind. It comes with 2 sets of PWM signal for easy dual output.

Awesome! I’ll defenitely be ordering this, thanks for the link

The MINI… trigger throttle is nice…pretty much the GT2B in small form factor.

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I think the MINI is the same one that metroboard uses? If so, i can give another nod to that one. It’s been solid for me.

yupp mini remote has been solid!

and it will fit into a pocket hopefully by the end of the week! :wink:

i’l update this with the super mini enclosure i’ve been working on…

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Aaaaaand order changed :joy: I took one look at alibaba shipping and said no way in hell. 42$ for the product itself, fine. 3$ shipping and up to 39 days wait? Nope. 40$ shipping and up to 21 days wait? Nooooooo way. Ended up with the mini because it was half the price compared to some others and has great reviews. I also have faith that it will be at my house within a week knowing a trusted member of this forum is sending it. Will be sticker-bombing for airplane security purposes (anything with a trigger they always get suspicious)

The RC Mini is my favorite. Very reliable and excellent throttle and brake control. And, 2 lithium AA batteries will last up to a year.