The best wheel drive for use with Abec 11 Flywheel

Hey everybody, I am looking for an all aluminum drive gear solution for my board. I am using Abec 11 Flywheel 90 mm and would prefer using an aluminum gear instead of a plastic one like enertion is doing. I really like the one alien drive systems makes, but they seem to be out of stock forever. They have been linking alien power systems as the new provider of this piece, but I can’t seem to find it over there.

I am open to any alternative if you guys have any other ideas.

Best regards, Felix

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9mm non plastic drive gears are easy enough to find.

The 15mm alum/steel drive gears are what I am looking for and want to avoid ones that require cutting and weakening the truck hangar in the process.

I’m after the same, a metal 15mm pulley. I just got an Enertion 12mm kit but I need to fix my mount before I can test it. It seems really solid though. I was surprised to find out I can remove all the bearings without removing the pulley from the wheel. Metrooard won’t sell theirs so this will work for now.

Torqueboards has Aluminum Abec11 wheel pulley sets in 36T for 9mm belts in stock now! Quality is superb. He also offers steel motor pulleys in 12,14 and 16 T for 12mm belt which also works fine for 9mm belts product-category/electric-skateboard-parts/pulleys-belts/

Anyone know if the evolve pulley is 12 or 15mm?

This is what I used but it does require drilling out the bore and mounting holes for the outer flange. Select 5htd belt, 9mm width or 15mm width and the number of teeth.

they also sell gates belts on this site which are great quality

heres the drive pulley I bought

this another option but also requires you to drill the holes

I’ve a cad Cnc design of the grooves that fit the wheel very well. Anyone can have it and add the pulley part. Think it’s in v-carve.

It’s got a hole in the center because it was intended for a hub motor similar to carve-on sells but it relied on thin bearings and it died quickly, but u could easily get rid of that tube in the center if u know how to do v-carve. U could buy a pulley and bolt it to this design.


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Hi, All. I have been working on my own electric skateboard in CAD and I need a file for 76mm Abec 11 flywheels. If anyone knows where I can get that file I would really appreciate it.


Mach5: a bit late, but since i’m looking for pulleys for abec11 myself i found these.

a couple of different sizes and such, i don’t have access to a 3d-printer so of no use for me unfortunatley.

you can print them on 3d Hubs

In stock here:

If you do not mind, could I have the v-carve file for that pulley or better still .part file?

I have been looking for a very specific type of hub pulley. This would save me some work and make things easier for me to explain to a CNC machinist when I get around to seeing one.

I assume it fits the ABEC 11 hubs, not the clones? PM me if you prefer.

I’ll see if I still have it on a thumb drive somewhere but moved houses and it’s likely buried somewhere. I’ll look today. It’s for real abec wheels

Thank you kindly. If it is lost, then no worries, shit happens.