The Bitsa | Trampa 15° Short Mountain | Turnigy G160 290KV | Evolve GT trucks | Focbox Unity | superfly 107

Hi there!

Building my 3rd board using some old parts some new.

Open to suggestions if everything is going to work together and looking for recommendations for a charger.

Deck - Trampa 15° Short Mountain Trucks & Mounts - Evolve GT Motors - Turnigy G160 290KV Ecu - Focbox Unity (Backorder) Remote - Enertion Battery - Marsen 12S4P 30Q (Mofset BMS) Gearing - 38/15 Wheels - 107 Superfly

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Cool setup full of divercity :wink: Good DIY :+1:

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All parts accounted for now just need to find some Flux measurement linkage stuff :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I really like this build, I want to do something with a trampa, bindings like that, and AT wheels ( it seems like evolve trucks are the way to go given the ability to swap between thane and AT), also want to go 12s4p but maybe with 20700 sanyo cells…

How is the flex on this style Trampa deck?

received_2159876547463417 It’s finally going though it’s raining some can’t really test yet!

The Trampa deck is the 14 ply and once the battery case was bolted on is pretty stiff but still should take bumps and vibrations out of the feet.

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