The Black Panther /DART 35,5'/Carvon V3/ Black ABEC 11 DYED/12S5P 30Q/Photon Remote/Caliber II/6W Lights/ White zealous bearings

I did not hit her, I did noooot. Oh hi Mark !

This is the build I dreamed for since I started esk8. And after many struggles/ problems it is now a reality. I have a few things left to do to perfect it as much as I can. I’m no LHB or OKP but I definitely wan’t to achieve something sleeker and more refined. We’ll come back on that later.

First a few beauty snaps :

So now let’s talk a bit of the build itself. The first thing I had to do was wait (like always in this hobby) the carvon was delivered few month late but that’s Okay when I recieved them I had no spare focbox or whatever so I replaced the drive of my Belt drive build with 10S3P so I could ride em and see how they perform :

They perform amazing. Great torque and the speed is insane. In foc it’s just dead silence you can’t even hear the motors with full throttle. However with 25R and 3P configuration the sag was awfull from 70% of battery. I used this set Up for 2 month the time I gather some monies for all the expensive parts I had to buy.

So after a few purchase and some sweat I was at this point :

12S5P, FOCBOX, Photon Remote it’s all there !!! At this point I’m overwhelmed and just can’t wait to finish the build and ride forever. DYED some wheels :

But I won’t for at least a few months First it was the remote the problem, it would not bind and to this date ( almost 3 month later ) still wont. I have yet to recieve replacement parts to make it work.

But it’s not real problems there, I quickly hooked it up with a GT2B Mastercho mod and went riding in Paris :

later that night I went riding with Nono along the seine and tadaaaaaaaaam he tells me my board is smoking. I stop and smells some horrible smoke : Found out many mosfets of the BMS burnt :

So I replaced with the same model but brand new :

This time the problem was different the discharge would work fine but I couldn’t brake with the motors because I had an Undervoltage problem. so neeeeeeext step :

Replaced with the Bestech 80A BMS and now it works flawlessly.

What’s next ?

Now I’m more than happy with the performance of the board. it’s just great. Has more than 50 - 60 km range. The downhill deck is just all I love about longboarding. I just feel again on my old longboard. No noise, no rolling resistance. when i don’t use the throttle I can’t distinguish the two. it’s crazy cool.


I have a few plans left : Few little things that will make this build perfect to my eyes : Braided Cable Sleeving SY355 I really want to integrate @Kug3lis Dual FocBOx BOX to the enclosure Right now i think i will basically cut the enclosure to the size and only stick out the Fins of the box and seal it around with silicone. That’s my best option for now. I really wan’t to integrate it.

if you have any question/ suggestion please do ! It was My first build thread after a very long time on the forum sorry for that


Thats looking really good mate! What deck is that?

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Dart long island, among the best downhill deck I ever tried

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Yeah sweet setup Jerome !!! The little more upgrade will be just fine :ok_hand:

:v: Good continuation and good riiide

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Give yourself a pat on the back… looks like a mint board build… :ok_hand:

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Bottle throw ahahah

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Update of the build :slight_smile:

While integrating the heatsink I did a silly mistake and created a weak point on my brand new enclosure see for yourself

![IMG_20180605_200333|375x500] (upload://r5Vny3a92dInyMZ3hucgcpkAiTN.jpg)

I received as well the carvon V4 I’m gonna switch and send back the V3’s to Jerry so he can update the second drive. Free of charge. Got the motor this morning and did my sleeving routine with cables

I have yet to buy a new enclosure or repair this one tho! I have to find a solution asap this build is too insane not to be used.


Epoxy FTW…

I’m not a knowledgeable in this matter, can you elaborate?

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Just clamps the enclosure back in shape then brush in 2 part epoxy on the inside and outside. The sand and paint if you want too. You could also use sugru but I think epoxy is stronger.


I will look forward to this solution.

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Upgraded almost everything. FOCBOX to ESCape Fragile ABS to indestructible KYDEX Carvon V3 to V4

IMG_20180713_201534 IMG_20180713_201544


Really nice man! How did you manage to mold the kydex? And where did you find such a big sheet?

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DUDE this looks awesome. Tremendous upgrades. Can really see the evolution of your building skillz.


Thanks a lot I really appreciate it! I put lot of time and efforts on this one! @rey8801 the kydex is from koralle BTW I have printed the riser you made for the Jet spud they are incredible nice job mate

Ah nice! Super happy of that. I also like them. I am still have them since day one and they do their job without affect the shape and the length of the board. I am waiting to see your new dual belt jet spud. It’s gonna be awesome!

@rey8801 Pssst : I just finished the build 5 mins ago hehe 1531559728237 1531559747075

It’s a bummer tho I misconfigured my batt regen so I have almost no brake and I am lazy to do the configuration again Even in FOC belt do so much noise I had forgot about that


What enclosures are you using and what bestech BMS?

What is KYDEX? Really nice but what Cavron V4’s are you using?

Amazing! It’s sick! That enclosure is a masterpiece. THe noise from the belt motor is significant, there are 2 guys here in the city with a belt drive an you can hear them from far away :laughing: I am also lazy to open the enclosure, I just did it yesterday evening to try it out the firefly remote adn never again! That’s why just for the VESC setting I use a cheap bluetooth module either through the app directly or via TCP you can connect via WIFI and use the VESC tool as usual! Now with the new remote I will have to adjust the throttle/brake curve multiple times, no way I will open the enclosure all the time…lazy AF!

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