The Bouncer 35,5" | CarvOn V2 Dual | Dual VESC | 12S LiPo

After seeing @onloop’s latest video I have inspiration to start this build thread :wink:

This is going to be my second build after Helectric ( ). This time I start thread before finishing the build.

Goal is to make a fast DH-board (UH-board?) for bendy forrest roads.

Components I have: -VESC from Enertion -VESC from @chaka -CarvOn v2 dual hubz. Sexy black/orange combination -3D printed BadWolf v2 case and GT2B-mod

Enertio-VESC on the left and chaka-VESC on the right

CarvOn V2 waiting for the winter to end

Parts that I have to get: -Deck: Custom made DH deck from baltic birch. Made in Finland -Battery 10S? 12S? 18650? LiPo?

The biggest question mark is the battery. I really appreciate the convenience of pre made packs like SPACE cell and @torqueboards has a 12S pack with BMS, power switch and display. But im not sure how much my setups is going to draw from the battery and the torques pack is rated 30A constant. At 12S 30A should be enough for hub motors, right? Im not that heavy (68kg) but I really need the power to climb long hills.

Any experience how much CarvOns draw from the battery at 12S or 10S? And if I have dual VESCs do I have to configure both VESCs or just put them in canbus and configure the master one?

Cheers everyone!


Really dig those dual Carvons with the orange, just ordered some as well! I have a Carvon Single + Space Cell and getting good results with my optimized settings. This probably doesn’t apply to a dual setup but happy to help if you need some stats.

Does it matter that the caps for each are different values (at least it looks like it since @chaka 's vesc has taller caps)?

Thanks mate! How much amps does your solo hub motor draw from your space cell on normal use? And is it easy to use the varavon birdycam lite when cruising with the board?

Great question! Actually I have no idea

Tested just for fun the Carvons on normal 7,75 skateboard deck :sunglasses:

Good question, I guess I measure the amps in BLDC tool? Birdycam Lite is just right for cruising. I had the original Birdycam but it was a little too heavy. The Ronin M is a little too big for cruising as well.

No it doesn’t matter if the caps have different values. They will both end up in parallel over the supply wires so their capacitance will be added up.


the bigger the Cap the sweeter the juice right?

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:+1: for the Pac reference

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Meanwhile waiting for the final components, I got this one from the importer to test it out :thumbsup:

Looking a lot like my build, just started a similar thread, and not gaining much traction on figuring out a battery solution either, which is my biggest hurdle at the moment. Let me know what you end up figuring out. Do you know for sure that torque already has a 12s pack produced? I am looking for an all in one 12s solution ideally, so if that’s the case I will buy that sucker straightaway and let you know how it goes as soon as I get my VESC’s and my remote shipped!

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Slowly but surely the build is going on. Now I got my deck for the board. The Republic boards bouncer ( )

The flex feels just right for me :sunglasses:


Looks great man! Keep up the good work, I really want to see how those nano-techs work out for you. it should be a beast!

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Great looking board man! Can’t wait to see those dual hubs in action. Are you still waiting for the weather to clear up?

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Thanks mate! Still working on soldering the cables and figuring out the enclosure

Thanks ! The weather is getting better, barely snow here in Helsinki :sunglasses: The problem now is the road salt and the gravel

Bench tested the setup today and I think I have to limit the max RPM. Damn that urethane wobbles and expands! Good luck that the wheels did not flew off!

And this is the state of the build now. I have couple of lunch boxes from IKEA (from the homeland of the VESC) as a project boxes before I figure out better enclosure system.

I think I have to trim down the cables if I want to use FOC

Looking good man, can’t wait to see you hit the streets! Remind me - unless I’m unaware - what does trimming cables have to do with FOC?