The Chinese Budget Build - £210 | Osprey longboard | Chinese motor | Banggood mount | 6S | FVT 120A ESC

My goal was to build a board for as little money as possible but still would be a decent board.

Specs: Top speed: 15mph Range: 9km

Parts list:

After discounts and postage this all added up to £210

Here is the result



This looks pretty good, and pretty damn amazing at that price!

How does it ride? Any issues?

It rides great. Good acceleration gradient so it doesn’t knock you off, good breaking so can handle steep hills going down but I haven’t tested going up a steep hill yet, only a small hill which it handled fine.

Only issues have been fitting the gear to the wheel which was difficult and had problems with vibrating out screws which was quickly solved with Loctite.

I did s budget build, for around 400 dollars once, and amazingly it handled hills like a beast, so ypu never know. It may be better than you think.

Where did you find an esc so cheap? How has this board worked out for you so far? Where have you noticed problems? and how does it take hills?

Don’t build a board this cheap. Don’t get that esc either, get a flipsky vesc for $50 and mini remote for $25. Pair that with a Keda motor, some lipos, and a reasonable motor mount kit and you’ll be golden.


Where do you find a vesc for only $50 and are Keda motors any good? never heard of them. I’m thinking of going with a 6374 right now

I personally like the Keda motors. They are great for budget builds and come in 6355 and 6364 sizes both are 190kv.

Vescs can be found that cheap sometimes on eBay/AliExpress with deals. Most usually cost $60 tho

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The motor has turned out to be a bad choice in the long run. Seems to have burned its self out in about a year of weekly rides. Runs much slower now.

The ESC has been alright for me. Some minor glitchy issues have occurred occasionally like low speeds requiring a board reset.

Never had a problem with the remote.

Currently I am not riding the board but if I ever do need it again I will upgrade the motor and build a new case.

Hope this is helpful.

$60 for a vesc is a deal, im looking into a 6374 motor because i need it to take me up some hills on a single motor. Also, have you heard of a fsvcesc/fsesc? How do they differ from normal vescs and escs?

If you mean “fesc” it’s just a flipsky esc. Vesc based budget esc.

The 4.12 fesc is excellent value for money, lowball offer sellers on ebay for one and they generally accept.

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so this is just a vesc made by Flipsky?

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Yes :slight_smile: 10char

Just make sure you get a FLIPSKY FSESC 50A V4.12

Not a 4.20 mini - they are problematic.


And only run them on 10s and bldc. Some people on here recommend to run it at 30-40A max. I run my hk vesv on 45A on bldc and it’s working perfect.

How do you know the amount of amps going through your vesc?

You can configure the max amperage when you set up the vesc via your computer :smile: The vesc is basically a programmable esc.

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Gotcha, I thought it had to do with your battery or motor amperage

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Your battery needs to be able to deliver the amperage that you configured on your vesc. Take a look right there: