The CloudWalker [Bergmeister x SurfRodz x MBS Hybridz]

(WIP, more to come)

This build is really a combination of various spare parts (expensive and nice spare parts) that I had laying around. Its really more of a science experiment then anything else. The build turned out to be imho quite an eye candy. The combination of the adjustable base plate + surfrodz and berg wheels is really aggressive and screams quality.

I started the build using a Trampa Carver deck after riding the build for a while I really didn’t like the aggressive camber. The full MTB deck was longer and the angles were not as steep made the camber more tolerable, the carver deck however had really aggressive camber, my foot wasn’t happy after each ride.

I was lucky enough to snag one of the last few remaining Pro 90 out there after @mbs kindly pointed me to it so the build is has now been reborned as the Cloud Walker.

I am still waiting on parts so I can top mount the super secret ESC and smaller drive gear so I can use the smaller mount plates from Janux as well as all sort of fine tuning (the belt is clearly out of alignment…) so stay tuned :slight_smile:

Eye Candy first, first impression and thoughts on parts below.

image image image

First Impression + How it rides

The Good The Deck: The MBS pro 90 is really a Gem. The deck has a good amount of flex enough concave and a little bit of camber. Despite being designed to ridden with bindings I don’t think you actually need them with this deck. I had no issues with leverage and keeping my foot on the deck.

If you see one for sale snag it since they aren’t being made anymore.

The Trucks: SurfRodz are stable. People aren’t exaggrating. Wait for a sale, grab a pair, its worth it. I am able to really push the throttle with good confidence even on a new board.

The Tires: Bergmeister Tires are awesome. Great for carving, no wobbles, low drag. The combination of Tires, RKP with the bushings acting as shocks and a flexible deck made pretty much erased all the vibration. This setup surprising is more smoother then my full size tramp with 8 inchers, until I hit a real pothole.

The Bad The Clearance: The deck is clearly designed for larger wheels. The flex + Smaller wheels + bottom mounted ESC = Me bottoming out going over speedbumps and potholes.

Conclusion This is really fun board for short rides. The high reduction and small wheels means translate to plenty of torque even with the small motors. Surfrodz allows you to really jam that controller with very little wobble. Pro 90 is an awesome deck, its not huge but its super comfortable and holds your foot in place. I’ll be top mounting ESC once I get the “super secret” ESC which should take care of the clearance issue :slight_smile:

Parts + Thoughts

Bergmeister Tires + Pulley with support bearings @riverside.rider This hubs + tires are amazing. The finish is top notch. The wheel is well balanced and the tires have a good amount of free roll. These aren’t the tires you take to a drag race (sixshooters probably do a better job) but for carving its perfect. The pulley that @riverside.rider had designed for the wheels were very high quality and was stable + smooth. Adding bearings to the pulley had definitely made the build more complex but the end result is worth it.

SurfRodz RKP with 90 mm bolts + SurfRodz RKP Adjustable Baseplate No introduction needed here. These guys are predictable and stable while still being very steerable. The adjustable baseplate isn’t completely snug when assembled and you get a bit of a rattling when the trucks are in the air but the moment you put some weight on the rattling is gone and you wont notice a thing.

Torqueboard 6355 190 KV

https:///products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv @torqueboards These motors won’t die. They been thought at least 4 builds now still rock solid. Due to the high reduction and small size of the wheel in this build, these are perfect. Light and still torquey :slight_smile:

MBS Pro90

@MBS These are awesome. No longer in production so grab them if you see one. They are less flexy than a trampa carver 14 ply but have a little bit of concave and a little bit of camber.
Compared to the carver deck, significantly more comfortable. Overall great deck, not to mention its pretty af :slight_smile:

Janux mount + pressfit mount

@marcmt88 @lrdesigns


So after I got mine where I want them, I put a bit of silicone in the “channel” of the adjustable baseplates to remove this rattle. Works a treat!


Sexy! How did you do your motor wire routing? Looks clean.

I will take a picture tonight. I was nodding off writing the write up yesterday :slight_smile: not done yet


Rebuilt… and updated… trampa carver deck was just waaay to much for my feet


This looks better anyway!


Ya this is one of my favorite deck… too bad they stopped producing

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Shes a looker alright: image


Took it out for a ride. Did not disappoint. Will be iterating on this board for sure. Pro90 + surfrodz + haggy wheels = winning combo


Lovely ! I like it !!

Looks like a really fun and cool ride on her :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Looks great! I sure hope those adjustable base plates get made again soon.

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One thing about the adjustable base. When you run split angles, they will NOT be even height :frowning: It wasn’t enough to bug me but damn I wish they were even to allow for high speed setup

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You my good man, might have created a new trend! Now only if I can find a set of base plates for the surfrodz!!!


Credit goes to @sender build the first one using these baseplates :slight_smile:


sadly, you are right. After I posted I was going to edit it to give credit where credit is due. But got lazy, :joy: Definitely props to Sender on his LaCroix build and use of surfrodz.

But using surfrodz on mountainboards is the start of a new signature build. I want to be a part of this venture.


I am running 20 in the back and 25 on the front of the Lacroix.

That isn’t a very big split, but even when I had the back lower than that I didn’t notice the height discrepancy. What split were you thinking?


I am eagerly waiting for your next build. I know it will have some dope ass wrap on it. Come on man, time to make us all jealous and spend more damn money!

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I thought the same thing after riding @Sender’s City Slicker build, which is why I built Drakaina.

Surf Rodz are hard to beat, and the street deck feel on a wide platform with huge drops is tons of fun.


Mmm sneek peek. 12s7p 10:24 3d Servisas gear drives and hanger, surf rodz adjustable baseplates, 107s (until Mike makes me an adaptor for the Stooge)



15534818339546128051148713375959 gonna use different color glass frits as “stars”

Sorry for the derail, just psyched on this!

@mixedcreation I will write a build thread for “Sicker City Slicker” soon. Last thing on the docket is skinning the deck then it should be good to go!



My fault @Ixf, I am derailing your post… Please post more amazing pics of your build. Wait you have any video of that beast?