THE COMEBACK - Need Some Tips

Ok, some time ago I built myself an electronic skateboard and Is now coming back to it.

Are there any upgrades I can do without having to replace anything? Add new batteries to make it go longer or duel motors?

My build:

5000 mah 5s x 2 230 KV 1x Vesc Abec 11 - 90mm

That doesn’t really say anything.

You can start with what you expect to get from the board and we can give you pointers towards that goal.

yes 10char

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I would like to get more lenght - Making it able to ride for a longer distance. And I am wondering if its possible to do a duel with 230 KV and what would I need for that?

I read somewhere that 230 KV from torque was 190 KV.

I dont even…

To get more range you need to change/add to the battery. Not sure what “5000 mah 5s x2” is but I’m guessing its Lipos. You need another VESC for dual motors. and if you expect to draw some current without voltage sag you’re going to need a beefier battery on a dual setup.

You could take 2 new 5s5Ah to your already 10s5Ah (I guess), you make another battery pack and cnnect them in // to get 10s10Ah and you double the C rating :wink:

Would that be safe for the vesc? That would double my distance basically?

I am sorry but i have forgotten everything, researched 5 hours today to try to find out things, but decided to just ask instead

You will don’t have to touchc the vesc, same voltage here (just the battery capacity that double)

you could also dual your 230kv if it something like 6354/6355 motor and so add a vesc.

EDIT : yes it should double the range as you will have a better indice of discharge also.

its a 6374 so I guess its not good for a doble

I think I will go for double the batteries then :slight_smile:

ha yes you could dual diagonal or one motor by truck side (reverse)

You dont double the C rating… you will have same C rating on 10Ah. thats it.

if you take your initial 10s 5Ah (let say 15c) and add the same one in // so you have :

10s 10Ah 30c thats all :wink:

No, you’ll have 10S 10Ah 15C.


Thanks for the fast reply Riako and linsus. And yes the C rate will be the same.

I think I will just add new batteries for now, and I will see in the summer how it does uphill. I remember it sucked uphill so haha maybe another engine later

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Sorry if I sound like an angry EMO but its an electric MOTOR. An ENGINE is something else.

Think you’ll notice a big difference with twice the amp(assuming you have something like 6374 size that can handle it), if you still struggle in hills then yes another motor would probably be nice.

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No worries, totally understand. I would be a angry emo if I were asked these questions in a niche I knew a lot in. :slight_smile: But ohwell, you guys helped me a lot , so thanks. I was thinking about adding batteries, but was worried the vesc would break dont know why …


As you can see from the picture you posted, Its not twice the C rating from doing a two 15C parallel. 10Ah x15 = 150A (cont) and 10Ah x30 = 300A (peak).

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On the calc it says 30 KM , thats far :smiley:

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Finally !!! Thanks a lot for highlighting the solution I had in front of me !! I wanted to understand why I’m thinking this since the beggin and nobody correct me during the last 6 years :smiley: :+1:

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