The Cyclone Integrated Drop-Down Deck [Concept]

Alright guys, so today I sat myself down and thought what is one thing I want more of in the esk8 world that I could contribute to creating. I thought about decks immediately. After the Loaded Motherboard came out, I looked at a lot of the suggestions that people had and I created a model of my own. Im not sure if its good at all but I like the look of it and it could be functional. This is just a concept. Also keep in mind I’m not very good at 3d modeling haha.

Alright here are the pictures:

Top Down View 48%20PM

Side View 27%20PM

Another Side View 14%20PM

Bottom Up View 42%20PM

With the enclosure top on 46%20PM


Overall Deck Length: 36.5 Inches Overall Deck Width: 9.68 Inches Overall Deck Height: 2.375 Inches Deck Height Without Drop Down: 1.5 inches

Enclosure Length: 24.75 (With angled areas) (without its about 20 inches) Enclosure Width: 6.625 inches Enclosure height: 1.375 inches (maybe need to change to make integrity of deck better

Some dimensions need to be changed but please I’m open to suggestions on how I can improve it. Some things I already want to do:

Add render for mounting holes Add 6 holes in either side connecting the inside of the enclosure to the outside of the deck so you can run cables through to esc’s More to come

Thanks for reading guys, please leave suggestions down below as well as answer the poll. Charlie


  • Looks good, excited to see what’s to come/Interested
  • Not interested

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You might wanna take the length down a little my current board is a hair shy of 42" and I can’t get it through the halls of my house…48" is excessive

Maybe a stubbier nose and a little off the length of the battery compartment?

Other than that its a sexy deck and I want it

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Yeah this was mentioned. Ill take a look and see what I can do. Thanks for the input :smile:

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Update on this: Just took down some of the body so the overall length is now just 36.5 inches some pics at the bottom of it. This brings the total enclosure length is still a good 19.75 inches.

Pics: 14%20PM 06%20PM


I voted not interested but I’m still gonna follow it.

Looks like an Acton Quattro deck shape.

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Can we have a poll for 40inches vs a shorter version, I personally love longer decks


Base shape is good, looks like a cyber punk deck :+1:t4:

You should add concave for grip and maybe soften folds cause hard folds create stress point across the deck

Stress concentration on the edges will make the board weak, so you should add lots of fillets.

Also it would be nice if you make sure that it works with 6" pneumatic wheels. Something like this. IMG_20190119_064926

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@CharlieFlan, you were doing just fineee!! Why you paid attention to these fools? Now you got a shorter board which is the same lenght as others and you’ll always suffer for lack of internal space with everybody struggling to cram things inside and limited by stupid 10s4p maximum batteries like in the Carbon GT (??)

Your initial design was just perfect, The heck if someone cannot surf thru his living room with the board. You are not going to travel the subway with this thing. This is made for open spaces, not to carry inside an elevator! If people want shorter boards there are millions of them outhere.

What we don’t have here are boards with enough internal space to cram the huge batteries we all dream having!! Don’t change your design with the first naysayer that peak his nose inside this tread. Continue with your original idea. They can always go to other treads demanding things or their ideal board concept. This is your baby, don’t let hem derrail your idea for theirs! Kept the 48" concept. On the contrary, there are many of us looking for real state, confort and long boards to cram lots of electronics.

Mine is a 44" deck and with all goddies it became a 52" build. Don’t let them change your idea…:point_down:



So it’s finished already?:grin:

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Not quite. Rendering isn’t done still have some changes to make but general renders there. Definitely need to look for a manufacturer too.

I agree with this! Go big or go home! Get them short decks outta the way, we have too much of them anyways

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Totally :neutral_face: May the naysayers :zipper_mouth_face: