The Demon aka Beelzeboard >> Bludgeon w/ x2 FoxBox, TB 6374 190kv, Surf Rodz TKP, 6 Shooters, 10s4p

Looks awesome!

Only thing is that you need to flip your wheels. The tire tread is going the wrong direction. The V is supposed to be pointing forward, the point being that any water or debris is being pushed outward not in.

Are you running two middle pieces with two outers for the wheel pulleys? Any issues?

Both, the BMS will cutoff at 42v and start balancing. The Luna Charger will drop from.4a once it sees 42v at the pack. It’s meant to be a dummy proof system, although it’s still safest to not charge unattended.

I didn’t notice that, I’ll look at it this weekend.

That’s is correct, the VEX pulleys are highly.modular, very nice. I’ve done this on other boards as well.

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Looking reaaaally sweet :slight_smile:

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Had an issue with my old ass VESC-X, the USB port broke off and was shorting something inside the case causing cutouts. Replaced with FocBox’s and sending the VESC-X to @JohnnyMeduse. Also upgraded to @Ackmaniac firmware 3.1 to try out current & reverse, not sure I like it but we will see.



Looks like it wasn’t the VESC’s. It cutout in me this evening in a rise downtown. I’ve checked all the wireing, it might be the remote but I think it’s the battery pack.

I’ll test another remote to tile that iut but I guess I need to find a charge only 10s BMS…

One of those two for sure. Hopefully the remote haha, way easier to fix. This is a beauty of a build. Mike, how many full working setups do you have at any given point?

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Right now I have 4… bludgeon, gear drive, pintail and caldera. I gave my brother one of my evos and I’m currently rebuilding the other as an ultra low thane boarf I took the FocBox’s out of my spud but I’m short pulleys for it anyways. The bludgeon is my favorite touugh.

Also, @sender is doing some mondo cool stuff to a caldera for me…shhhh, it a a secret :grinning:


I wish i could like something more than once. Pretty sure I’ve guessed it already, but looking forward to seeing the end result. Ya seems like one needs at least two builds at all times to be able to safely have a deck when the others being worked on.


True Datt!!!


Hi Mike, I’m interested to see your @psychotiller mounts. Do you technically have them mounted upside down? I’m setting up my surfrodz and tiller mounts now but thought the thicker part went underneath as motor protection?


I’ve done it both ways, depends in the deck. Sometimes if I have shirt clearance, from the motor to the deck I’ll out the thick part up so the motor doesn’t hit the deck. If I have plenty of room I’ll mount the thick part down so the motor can’t hit the ground. Is that what you mean?


That’s what I mean. I’ve sat for a while last night working out how to mount them and come to the conclusion like you that there’s perhaps no right and wrong way!


I think so, most of the decisions in how to build are made based in the environment and materials. That’s what’s so great about @psychotiller mounts, they are very fluid in how they can be installed.


Any more pics, I want to see more :smiley:

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From yeatersay. No matter how many boards I build this is always my go to.


How much space does the motors have, could you fit bigger motors? Or sk3 motors?

Nope, there is 5mm max between the motors. Buy I can’t imagine anything bugger would matter, the TB 6374’s with 10s will do 30mph on 6er’s, 22s would do 35 easy.

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Yeah i am asking because of the gear drive I just mocked up. TKP/Sixshooter gear drive

The hangers are 177mm wide right?

Yep,. I’m building one too with TKP’s and 6 er’s. Finally got my motor gears in and they are hardened so I can’t get a dect tap for grub screws. Guess I’m ordering again.

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