The Electric Boarder Colorado: Rocky Mountain eSk8 Races

Hey guys, The Electric Boarder Colorado is having our first ever race day at Overdrive Raceway Go-Kart track in Colorado spring, April 8th. We’d love to hang out with some local Colorado boarders and if you’re up for a race, just make sure to bring your helmet (required) and a bit of $ for registration. Races are early because thats the cost you pay for a free rental of a go-kart track! Feel free to PM me if you are local, from out of town and want to come out or just generally want more details. We’ll be starting to host races monthly here in Colorado for those who want to come out. We also host group rides every weekend around Colorado! Our facebook group. Our whatsapp link to join the live local chat.


Monthly gokart track sounds amazing. Sucks that I moved from Denver to LA like 30 years ago


We got a group of riders coming up from California so you can always come visit!!

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Great idea! I would love to make it to one of these.

Or a race up or down Pikes Peak would be fun :slight_smile:


We’re gonna try and branch out for future races and pick some different spots for specialized races :slight_smile:


Good work happening in Colorado. See you all in 7days… :checkered_flag::checkered_flag:


I would love to take part in one of these! Live in Denver with a Raptor 1