The first questions to make your firsts decisions

I didnt think it would be advisable to go with 2WD pneumatics on the Carvon V4 Torque drives. I’d happily go for pneumatics if the performance would be fine on them.

Given that @Michaelinvegas really recommends going 10s along with the Carvon’s site I think going 10s6p would be alright for my needs. I’m on the heavier side(220lbs) so I think it would be safer to go with 6p cause I expect range to take a significant hit from my weight.

Ive ridden someone else’s 2.5v dual at 10s a while back … shit is still crazy fast and powerful

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I’m about 200 pounds. I’ve gone 26 miles on flat with 10S5P on a single motor. I’d expect to take a 20-30% range hit with dual motors.

So 6P will be plenty. I’m building a mountain board right now that will be 10S6P 20700’s. I expect to be able to cross state lines :slight_smile:


Pretty much correct. 4x4 is two evos on one deck lol its a monster of power… go ask @HI-DEF-DEPOT

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Wow awesome! I just based it off of carvon’s site which said that pneumatics need 4wd. I saw @HI-DEF-DEPOT’s video and that was a powerhouse build. The clearance from the evo wouldn’t work for me as there are speed humps in my area and they aren’t even of uniform size or height so I’m planning for better clearance. If 6” or 7” pneumatics are fine on a 2WD v4 torque drive that would be fantastic!

I hate having to watch the roads for stones and cracks that might catch my wheel. Also looking for that better ride quality.

Yeah introducing more complexity to the build makes it more difficult to maintain and diagnose as well. And I dont have the budget for that lol having 2 vescs would already be a handful for me to use from what I expect

Oh by the way @CarlosMilles Sorry we hijacked your thread lol :joy:

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Sorry about that as well @CarlosMilles :sweat_smile: hopefully you’re able to get something out of our discussions. I’m new to this as well so you’ll likely come across the same questions as I am here