The future of diy parts:

Hey guys, I just saw this and instantly thought of this forum. @onloop and many other leading diy manufacturers could really use this especially since it could fit right on a desk in a garage! This is the future and just wanted to give it a shoutout.


This is great, too expensive for me though…

I’m more thinking about people like Chaka and onloop…

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there’s still some place in my apartment room for that !

now please explain to me why Jason would need that? He runs hubs and does not need mounts

Chaka has a milling machine.

This machine is for rapid prototyping, not large scale manufacturing.

Not really the future, but design to make parts at a smaller scale without the large industrial space the usual units take. Still, a great way to make money as a side hustle.

I would say a 3D printer would suffice for prototyping. This could not be used for large scale deployment of a product.

This would make steel and metal precision cutting possible to small shops. It seems like a common problem in prototyping parts for esk8 is that with 3D printing you can test for fit and sizing, but not for strength. With this thing you could get pretty close to the larger-run items that would come out of a factory without having to do a higher-volume order.

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I saw this thing a while ago. what it really shows me is that small scale waterjet can be made. if you look at their prototypes they are very simple. the only thing I wasn’t sure about was the nozzle.

diy waterjets are really the next step. they are simpler and faster than a cnc router, and more accurate for thick 2d parts.

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@saul if you design it, I’m in!

I don’t see why Onloop would use this. He never manufacture anything really inshop, he outsourced everything to China and assembles it himself. Now with the new raptor 2, he won’t even touch it. He’s a business man, not manufacturer.

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Wow, lots of hate​:joy::joy:.

Frame, electronics, software are pretty easy. 2axis + ramps + marlin cnc.

just need a plumber for the high pressure pump and nozzle… I think for this application cutting up to .5-1 inch alu would be enough, not sure what kind of pressure that is yet…:thinking:

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