The HUBS-X | Enertion VESC-X | Hummie Hubs | Custom 10S4P pack | Restless B52 Deck

Awesome… I can’t wait to get me some hubs and go stealth mode…

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It’s like they where made for that…


nice!! can´t wait to see results (hillclimbing acceleration, temperature…)

I can see it coming…the hubs will roast before the vesc shuts down from over-temp. No surprise. Little motors. But the ride is nice. Those ones I sent u are with unsealed smaller bearings with retaining fluid, getting them off to replace them is a lot of work so try to clean and maintain them however u can especially if u cook them over 200f it will lose the oil. The big is pretty covered but the little isn’t.

Here is another Video we made yesterday, the sound you can here is from the setup that you cannot see, but I you’re interest It is a Single Enertion Big Boy (6374), also with a VESC-X in FOC mode…


Little Update today… It’s raining outside and the local skateshop has season end sale. So why not change the deck for a better one (from Restless)… and lower it


Low rider!.. Maybe needs an extra truck risers?

Nice deck though. It looks like the enclosure fits pretty good too.

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it’s drop through, risers will make it lower haha

Haha… I didn’t even notice that…

Maybe some 90mm hub motors would be better.

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Then we will be able to add some riser on the top :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Quik Update on the Vesc-X FOC Test, today we did the reach the MAX test… Over a distance of approximately 2km… and the Result are 40km/h

Sweet results! I geuss the Vesc-x is really a bang for the buck. People can brag as much about warranties as they want but the best warranty is a product that won’t fail!

Also, here is a little video of the ride, made by @Blasto.


Seems more of a test of the motor speed on 12s, as the escs and motor both don’t have time to heat up. Awesome neighborhood for commuting by board

I’m just living this here, since It a can be a nice upgrade… :wink:

@JohnnyMeduse @onloop does the vesc-x comes with bullet connector or you’ll have to soldier it on your own? Does 12s posts higher fault/failure probability as mentioned by some members in this forum? Are there any link of videos to show on how to setup the vesc-x?

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I don"t think the Vesc-X come with bullet connector, you need to solder your. 12S setup work just fine and the setup is almost the same as the regular vesc, except it use a micro usb.

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Are you still useing the Hummie Hubs, if so what do you think of them now

Not as much as before, but it’s still working. They only issue is that the hubs aren’t powerful enough and I’ve had to walk some hill on my commute. Also since I’ve got a Raptor2, I refer this board as a beginner board… :wink: