The Humpback | 34" deck | Caliber II trucks | Turnigy SK3 6374 | APS mount | DIY 10S4P | FSESC 4.20

Quick update on how my builds going:

  • Skateboard is together and rides like a dream, although its only good on the downhill without a motor… -I made a fused loop key, whoever came up with the idea of a loop key, you’re a genius.
  • My battery is essentially ready to go, I just need to connect up all the wires. On that note it would be great if someone could have a look at my wiring diagram attached to see if I’m on the right track! ( I forgot to put the loop key in the diagram)


Me. I came up with the loopkey. I also invented snowboarding. Yea reagan was in the white house and ford was running this country into the ground. I don’t want the credit but they keep trying to give it to me.