The Imitation Game

…Or not?..

though it is difficult for us regular mortals to find out, you can customize motors if you order them in large quantities and typically you get proper/better post-sales support and warranty through a local reseller.

Things that may be/but do not have to be customized: *KV *Magnet strength *Quality motor leads *Sensored *Bearings *Logo (of Course)

Edit: and as written below…do take a note of order quantities :stuck_out_tongue:

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Um 10000 min order


Buying from Alibaba will require you to get it in bulk. Add shipping and import taxes (at least in EU) and you’ll be quite close to APS asking price. Of course they add markup but convenience…if you feel like it, go right ahead, you’ll get things a bit cheaper. but the pain of dealing with Chinese suppliers (at least when things are going wrong) is not worth it.

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Did you really think APS is the original producer of these motors? Rofl

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There’s a listing for like $60/pc and 10moq for the same motor, same seller

I might be down to split an order of 10 if somebody wants to get all the details