The interest in electric skateboards is booming

Results from Google Trends, search term “Electric Skateboard”:

Looks like something sparked interest significantly last quarter of 2015. Also, Australia #1, I wonder why that is ? :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Aussie reppin! Enertion is aussie as well i’m pretty sure.

enertion and evolve are both Aussie.

that when this forum launched!

yeah this forum is pretty much responsible for whatever boom is happening, along with a few amazing instagram accounts, several amazing facebook pages, 50 million kickstarters for chinese boards, and the hoverboard bullshit that was eating up electric skateboard mind share.

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It makes sense to me that the launch of this site coincides with that spike in interest. This forum has easily become my favorite resource for e-board info and inspiration. Being a dedicated forum, there seems to be more of a man-child like enthusiasm along with the technical info to be found. Something I can relate to and found lacking on the endless-sphere. Cheers @onloop for providing this resource. :slight_smile:


Did someone say man-child? raises hand


This forum has been growing consistently since launch in July…

I believe the electric skateboarding industry will grow to be a juggernaut in the next few years… I think there will be more & more people wanting to build their own rigs too! It’s getting easier for people, I like to think this forum has helped make it easier for folks to get involved, because of the passionate & enthusiastic members who frequent this forum & because of the inviting, helpful & supportive mindset that exists here! Everyone deserves a pat on the back!

One of the key strategies on is allowing (inviting) the small businesses on here to mix in & share their work (i actually see this as an art form) these people are mostly folks who started out as forum users with no idea (me) and they are now growing successful businesses! this fact should be praised & promoted - not shunned!. I always said that you must allow business & consumers to mix & converse openly on a platform. YES, It was risky and there is a chance for it to be abused! but it hasn’t been! People are so smart these days that spammers get drilled hard!

If we cannot share our creations with the people who want them there will not be any growth… I don’t work hard to innovate unless there is a market, We are all creators on here, we all inspire each other, its just some of us sell stuff too.

Of course, there is frequent head-butting amongst the various businesses (& members) but that’s what the real world is like… It would be boring if there wasn’t a heated debate from time to time!

starting my own forum was risky but was well worth it! thank you all

some facts: 35k of sessions on this website per month 10k of unique users per month these numbers are growing :slight_smile:


Your choice of using the Discourse platform certainly has something to do with popularity. It is just lightyears ahead of other forum platforms. Going back to ES feels like going back to the dark ages of internet.


yeah… this platform is super nice to work with

I think 3-5 years from now eboards are commonplace in most urban environments. What’s really exciting right now is all the innovation happening with little to no regulation…at least in US. I expect to see further regulation (or see existing regulations more strictly enforced) as eboards increase in popularity I.e. Where we can ride, what speed, etc. For now, in SoCal, it’s pretty much the Wild West for eboards…and I fuckin love it!

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Barely legal to not legal at all is my glorious playground. I build boards for outlaws.

Right now where i live they’re basically illegal. To me that’s a good part of the fun.

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I think the technological advances in battery chemistry alone have made this all WAY more possible than if we were still rocking SLA, NiMH, etc…I think we have the vaping community to thank for the availability and range of quality in 18650 single cells. I think it’s rad how outlaw this craft is. A bunch of creative open-minded people, from literally all over the world, pooling knowledge in a very concentrated way. So much passion and ridiculous amounts of golden R&D are scattered throughout these pages. Real quality content. @onloop Respect needs to be given where it is deserved. You are putting yourself out there, big time!! Thanks brutha!!