The Italian Job (build)

Hi to all, so many time lurking this super board so i decided. Please help me checking my parts. Many years on skateboard…never been on a longboard :smiley: A super important detail…i’m aa Italian big boy of almost 2 meters tall and over 100kg weight. I will go on a 9 strate board that i want to cover with carbon fiber myself for estethics and strenght.

here my part list:

  • 3x series Turnigy 5000mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack W/XT-90
  • Turnigy SK8-ESC V4.12 For Electric Skateboard Conversion w/BEC
  • XT90-S Anti-Spark Connector (2pairs / bag)
  • Anti Spark switch led
  • Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • Turnigy Skateboard Conversion Kit Spare Parts - Motor Mount
  • BMS 10s 36 v 16 A
  • Motor pulley 18mm x 19mm
  • Wheel pulley 52mm x 20mm
  • belt 155x225
  • Wheels Urangatang 80mm (have te right holes right?)

in this specific motor i have to work on shaft right? a bit scared about but the motor itself look very shiny :smiley:

please let me know and thanks to having me Ciao

Your bms is for a 10s pack. Your pack is 9s. Everything else looks great. It’s not hard to work on the shaft just go slow. When working on the shaft of the motor make sure you cover the motor so the metal isn’t pulled into the motor by the magnet. I love the name :slight_smile:

Super! About the bms i cant find a 9…only 6 or 10 here in Italy. I was thinking that i can not plug a wire…no? :joy: Another concern is about wheels…nothing more cheap pre-drilled?

Thanks forum the reply (Sorry for english)

Sorry, I was wrong it looks you can use a 10s on a 9s.

For the wheels maybe someone else can help you out on that one.

Hi! Nice to see someone from Italy too. I recently gevw a lot of advice to a guy that wants to build a single drive board without spend a fortune. All stuffs from AliExpress, Flipsky, hobbyKing (there is a discount code in the thread, like hobbyKing10). Maybe you can go through and compare with what you have and what we said. In your list I don’t really like the 80mm wheels, they will give you really short clearance from the ground. Plus the motor mount is not great the one from hobbyKing. Thread Read it carefully and you will find all the links you need. Ask in case of doubts. There is listed all the parts to save money and have good stuff. Of course you can go always higher. Good luck :wink:

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Hi Rey, i know that the hobby King Mount is crap but is Easy ti find in Italy and cheap. If its fine to ride in Bologna i Will update the boare with a better Mount and li ion batteri pack (DIY).

In next few weeks the build start and i’ll upload Photos step by step.


Some people have found the hobbyking mount to be good.

I’m selling a motor mount if your interested

Really nice but i’ve already bought the crap fronte hk :joy:

Anyone have a guide about how to prepare the shaft of turnigy motor shaft, i’m really scared


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The mount for @moon is a nice one. Fine. Remember to use loctite on the screws. Good luck!

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if your bms is only 16a you will need to bypass the bms. this current rating isn’t enough. Also, this bms would be just fine:

What do you Mean with by-pass!?

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Try the sk8 motors. Work with the pulleys and keys etc. I run mine without sensors and he VESC and they are fine.

Means to wire the bms charge only. Look up bms wiring on the forum for help. I can’t link anything right now. Computer is being a bitch.

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wired somewhat like this 059a97d986e4793a3ec100c841b3dad7d9627aca_1_402x500

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Fantastic!!! Many many many thanks


Motor shaft is pretty easy to grind away with a Dremel metal cutting disc but can do it by hand as well with a file if you have enough patience… The Dremel is much faster.

Green flag for dremel, i need it to cut carbon fiber and i’ll use it for the shaft :joy:

just make sure to cover the motor to prevent any filings being pulled into the motor with the magnets

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here my scheme; anyone want to check to prevent any explosion in my garage? :smiley:LB