The Jank-Board: trimmed Twintip Deck, NTM PropDrive 50-60 V2 270kv, YEP 150A Airplane ESC, bent Caliber Knockoffs, Cheap 70mm Wheels

Hey guys, this is my first build. I used your boards as inspiration and followed some of your advice to build my own E-Sk8, now i want to present you: The Jank-Board. Why Jank-Board? Because it’s possibly the most dangerous and unsafe skateboard on this Site. Riding it at 30kph is absolutely terrifiying.

The Jankyness of my board includes, but is not limited to:

  • a not so symmetrically cut deck
  • painting without primer
  • bent knock off trucks
  • cheap 70mm wheels that had chunks of urathane chip off
  • no ani-spark
  • lunch box as a container for battery and other electronics (it’s also being held closed by zip-ties)
  • The wheel-gear is not centered at all. (I also eye-balled the holes, so it took me 4 tries to get them to work. Also the bolts through the wheel aren’t straight.)
  • I can’t adjust belt-tension
  • My receiver is sandwitched between my battery and ESC
  • I use a battery tester to check the voltage, because i didn’t bother adding a voltmeter to it
  • The endplate broke off my wheel-gear
  • There’s no built in Balanceboard or charger
  • And lasty and most importantly: My Brakes are Shit. They are on/off and make horrible noises. (Great for scaring people, bad for actually stopping wihout dying.)

Now to the specs: Motor: NTM PropDrive 50-60 270kv ESC: YEP 150A Helicopter / Airplane ESC Battery: Multirotor 8000mah 6S Remote: Generic Pistolgrip & Receiver combo off Ebay Motormount: Homemade welded mount

The motor has plenty of power and is geared to got faster than I want to.

Also I haven’t managed to drain the battery even once below 3.6V /cell in about 5 months of riding.

The ESC has given me a bit of a hard time: It acts very stangely sometimes and goes into programming mode or loses it’s settings. It took me about 5 tries to get the settings even remotely rideable. And there’s the already mentioned problem with the brakes, wich doesn’t go away with any of the available brakesettings. If I think about it, I really should’ve went with a VESC.

I’ll also add some Pictures for you.