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Well I won’t be riding Kakashi for a little while.

Simply put the remote is the issue. I went out this evening after work for a ride in a park and again when I started off the board shot out from under me. At least I was on grass this time and was wearing body armour and crash pants this time. I was 100% sure I was really gentle with the remote but thought it could just be me. So I tried again and was off without any issue for maybe 10m and then all of a sudden there was a short burst of acceleration which I handled without an issue. Still at only 50% throttle I was carving some turns and again a tiny burst of acceleration. So I’m looking about for anything that could be causing interference but I’m 200m away from anything.

So I stop, check the connections, test the remote and all seems fine until I try to start again and this time it went full throttle for about 1 second so I ended up on my arse again but this time hurting my shoulder. I’m about 250m from my car so I think I might as well walk back to my car and drove the board back to my car. This is when I started to notice that the remote was the issue as the board would just charge off at full throttle when i was just engaging the remote or would not work at all. Also 1 second lag from the inputs which I never noticed before but then again I never used the board much.

So until my shoulder recovers I’m going to need to find a new remote. Anyone got any recommendations? I have ordered one of the enertion (pre-order) ones but looking at the picture it is the same as the one I currently have and that is a worry. I’m considering a GT2B right now as those seem to be the more reliable but the size is the issue although the price is decent. I have no issues spending money so please suggest away…

Other than that, for 200m I had sketchy fun and can’t wait to be able to ride again.


Damn, that sucks. Hope you heal up fast. Might I suggest a 2.4ghz mini-remote?

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i can also recommend that 2.4Ghz mini remote! also make sure that the receiver cable & antenna is far enough away from main currents! it also helps to ise ferrite rings between receiver and esc cables, especially if you have to split the signal!

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home brewer in da house too!

@Mobutusan Yeah its nothing more serious than a sprain so I will be fine in a few days. I’ll see if i can pick one of those remotes up.

@whitepony Good shout, I’ll get some ferrite rings ordered tonight and maybe re-wire power around a little. There is one negative lead running over the box housing the receiver so that might be it. See if that makes a difference tomorrow.

@rodriguejoe1 you got to have a plan! What I want is a titanium plate with the box attached and that velcro’d to the deck. I’ll probably have to settle for steel to start but I think aluminium would deform when pulled hard and fast. Then it’s a case of figuring out the connector. I have a plan in my head so lets see if I can pull it off :wink:

lol… when you said brewing I thought you meant that you were going to HOME BREW your own beer over the weekend…I make my own beer…sorry… my bad…:grin:

funny as I can’t drink beer, messes me up so I have to stick to whisky :wink:

make that at home too… single malt… although the last time was 5-6 years ago… I even aged it in a toasted cask! I really don’t drink much. I take the beer to holiday parties mostly.

What about the Torqueboards mini remote? Looks like the one Michaelinvegas was doing for the group buys. Ohh has them as well…

I’d like to try making some home brew whisky one day. Just need to get over my eboard fetish first lol

So I have ordered a new remote from Sorted, should be with me in a few days time. I also started looking up about the rmeote I have, its a winning remote and seems that they have some issues. TBH you can never have too much gear to play with :wink:

Just ordered the ferrite rings now as well so I will update when I have the parts and some time to test.

Let us now how it goes… seems to be a very odd behaviour, think you’re the first one who complains about such ‘‘uncontrollable’’ circumstances…

I assume there are not much customization options for your esc. Have you tried to decrease acceleration or the max throttle limit?

I think you should be asking @nowind how to configure the esc if you have problems with that (It seems he has had similar esc to yours)…

Other than that, I’ve found an interesting clue / thing others have not implemented a lot, some folks (or in this case, this specific one) recommends to set a ‘‘acceleration delay’’.

Here, take a look at this, it seems this guy know what he’s talking about:

Throttle ramping

Because sensorless R/C controllers can’t really control how much current they send to the motor (and current is directly proportional to torque output), and low-speed starting can be erratic and hard to control, it is useful to have a “ramp” somewhere in the throttle chain. Without ramping or some other kind of control input damping, sudden jerk motions of your hand or foot can result in the vehicle responding unexpectedly such as a sudden application of power. This is not only hard to operate, but it can be outright dangerous if you are in traffic or around other people.

Search for ‘‘throttle ramping’’ and read forwards

Some of the ideas might be worth implementing, would love to see how they work.


Sounds scary mate. I would go with the 2.4 Mini Remote too. Its the one i linked in one of my emails (-;

Get well soon mate.

I think the settings are fine on the ESC. There are not many options and it is already on the lowest power setting.

Reading up on the winning remote it seems it is a very unreliable remote. I should have listened to @Nowind. Even without the motor running there is a noticeable lag with inputs from the controller no matter how close it is to the receiver.

I have ferrite rings coming and I figured out how I can re-wire part of the electronics to keep wires away from the receiver without much work at all.

Yeah, I’m regretting my decision. I have one coming soon anyway.

How are the Maytec’s coming along?

Been using the GT2B since day one with absolutely no problems. Can’t even imagine riding around in the city with a sketchy controller. Would have been flattened by a bus or tram by now. Thought I would mod it to make it smaller but it’s actually no problem at all. Good ergonomics and so solid, in my experience. Make sure you solder connections for extra reliability.

I dont think that your problems are foundet on the ESC, as you said they are not that much options for programming. As long you set the throttle calibration correct it will be good.

Its easy to proof, on full throttle green led apears, on full brake also.

its an Transmitter/Reciever problem for sure, if you google winner remote alot problems of users apears, for example:

Yeah Maytechs are waiting for the 2mm Keys to mount the drivegears, then they will be tested hard …

Both the ESC’s are working fine and on full throttle and break the light goes green. I really don’t trust the remote, it does not feel right and there is a 1 second lag on any commands from the remote. It’s going in the bin as I could not sell it to someone knowing how bad they are.

I have another on order form, one of the mini ones so I’ll wait for that.

On a good note, my shoulder is feeling a lot better. Should be all mended tomorrow or the day after.

So my mini remote arrived last night and I had enough time to get everything installed, including the ferrite rings.

I actually installed the rings and tried out the Wining remote first. There were still issues with random speed bursts and terrible range with even my body blocking the signal. Anything more than 10cm and it would become unreliable.

I then installed the Mini remote and the total opposite happened. Range went from sub 1m in my kitchen to ‘I can walk out the kitchen, down stairs, out my flat and across the car park’. A lot more responsive as well.

So I’m leaving work a tiny bit early so I can have a ride before it gets dark. Fingers crossed we ha e no rain!

And finally I got to ride Kakashi for 20 mins after work. Seriously, I’m not even going to think about selling the Wining remote I have, pure dangerous. With the mini remote, zero issues.

Ah it was nice wizzing around a local park. GPS clocked me going 16mph top 10mph average and I had fun in the evening sun and will have another longer ride on the weekend but need to do a little extra wiring and give things another tidy.

Love it

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