The Kakashi EMTB | 8S Lipo | E-Toxx Belt Drive | Trampa | SK3-192Kv

Hello everyone,

I’m new here, well I have been lurking about for months since deciding I wanted an electric skateboard. I was so close to getting a Evolve Bamboo but then after reading post after post of people builds and then seeing the eMTB’s, I just had to get involved.

So why is this build called The Kakashi? Well if anyone here has ever watched Naruto you will know he is called the Copy Cat Ninja. This is pretty much what my build is, a plain and simple copy of other eMTB’s. Why? Because I’m a total virgin to electric skateboards (I do longboard and snowboard) and tried & tested is what I wanted for my first build.

So here is my build list - Trampa Holy Pro 15 Ply Deck, Vertico Trucks & Superstar Wheels E-Toxx Belt Drive system & carbon fibre mount for MAX6’s 2 x Turnigy SK3 6374 192Kv motors 4 x 4S Zippy 5000Mah 20C Lipo’s with 2 in series and then parallel to make 8S2P 2 x Hobbywing MAX6 ESC’s & 3in1 program box 1 x Nano Remote (Just picked one off @ajaynagra as he had a couple spare from his group buy)

That is just the stuff that’s going on the board. Man I have had to buy SOO many more bits. 5.5mm & 4mm Castle bullets, 10 AWG wire (pain to find at a decent price), Turnigyy TQ4 & PSU, balance charging boards, lipo charging bags, threadlock, heatshrink stuff, gloves, wrist guards, knee & elbow pads

But you know, I’m too excited to even worry about the dent in my bank account. OK its more than a dent and the GF is never allow to know the true cost or I’m a dead man.

So the only things I’m missing are little things like the wire, trampa board (ordering that after this post), motor mount (@Nowind shipped today) and a battery box. I know I have forgotten something but I’ll deal with that when it arrives.

Oh let me just say that Jen’s is the man! Helped me no end as we talked over options. I can’t be thankful enough for his help and motor mounts (Don’t they look sexy!)

I’ll update tomorrow with pictures of all the bits I have gathered so far and as soon as I start building I post as much as I can. Mainly so I can remember things but also hopefully it will help someone else with their build in the future. I also expect I’m going to need a little advice and help along the way, so if you can think of anything obvious, please reply :wink:

Peace EssEnn


You going to put griptape on this thing :wink:

i had to check but lucky for me it comes with some, phewwww

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Little update… This is my stash so far -

So tomorrow my board arrives (Thanks @trampa) and mounts should be with me by the weekend. Yes I think I went a little crazy on the X90’s and the X90 anti sparks but I’d rather have them and not need them.

It has been like Christmas every day for me this week and I will feel a little sad when parts stop arriving.

Oh I thought of a few things extra I would need. Velcro (always handy), bike pump, drill bits, nuts & bolts, BLOODY LOCTITE (I thought I ordered some but thinking about it now, probably not, BALLS) & maybe some hot glue.

I’ll start test fitting everything next week when it all should be here.


Super-sketchy without bindings.

You didn’t order the bindings and heel straps?

My mountain board is basically my main board nowadays and even with “soft” green dampas the thing turns like a semi truck. You wouldn’t even be able to turn it without heel straps and bindings.

If you have any specific questions let me know :slight_smile:

Might be able to get by if you completely remove the dampas, but the torque with those speed controllers is pretty intense. Definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

No need to panic it has bindings and heal straps!

Pretty much everything has arrived, just waiting on the mounts, battery box and a few other little bits. Hopefully it will all arrive by next weekend so I can start the build.


WOOOO, almost everything has arrived now and I will start building the drive train this weekend and test fitting all the parts. Only thing still need to order are some pads & gloves as well as pick up a few tools.

One thing I did not think about it storage for all the parts, screws, connectors, tools etc as in the space of 2 weeks I realised I need to get organised a lot more or I’m going to lose things.

Also after watching @Nowind firework display I think I’m going to rig some kind of emergency pull cord to disconnect the batteries in an emergency. I know the issue was not a battery issue but I think being able to stop the batteries going critical if there is a short is a good idea. Anyone have tried and tested solutions? Is it even worth me thinking about?

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You can do something like this for an emergency breaker:

Loop Key looks like this:

More infos :



This weekend the girlfriend is away so I got to take over the kitchen and start putting all the bits together. I’m actually quite proud of myself although I did spend 8 hours getting this far. I did replace all the bullet connectors with 5mm ones from the 4mm ones on the motors and put XT90’s on the batteries. I have not held a soldering iron in 20 years so had a little practice but not a dry joint in sight.

So the drive train is complete and the ESC’s are in place. Weird how all that’s left is making the loom from the batteries, mounting the 309 box to the board (Velcro for now), fitting the batteries inside and then setting everything up. I should be able to have a quick test ride tomorrow if it is dry enough outside. 100% getting up early in the morning!

I have to admit it was a daunting list of things to do as I’ve never built an eboard before and I had boxes of parts EVERYWHERE (and still do but I’ll tidy that up tomorrow) for the last few weeks. I made sure that I took my time doing everything, used loctite on everything, triple checked every bolt and screw and I even managed to get the motor mount within 0.15mm from centre.

Fingers crossed it all works tomorrow when I power everything up for the first time!

I’ll update tomorrow with my progress



Today was a good day. I got up early to work on Kakashi and it works!


I cheated a little bit and just made half the wiring loom so atm I’ll have to swap pairs of batteries but I could not wait any longer. Being honest I thought there would be a lot more issues but plugged it all in, set everything up, grabbed my helm and give Kakashi a test run.

Let me tell you a little story. There was this guy who decided that he wanted an eMTB and built one over a weekend. He spent months researching and then weeks waiting for the parts to arrive but after that weekend he was pretty damn chuffed with the result. So grabbing his helmet he ventured outside his house to give it a little test run. He strapped himself to the board, powered up the ESC’s & remote, gritted his teeth as he gently pushed forwards on the remote. The next thing he knew he was looking at the sky, which was weird because only a split second ago there was road. This was the moment the guy realised that he needed a lot more protection & soft ground before he rides again

So yeah, that is what happened, I had no idea that the remote was that sensitive and I must have only gone about 10% on the throttle. Turns out 10% from stand still, if you are not ready for it will whip the board from under you. Lucky I just have a few scrapes on my knees and elbows along with a little bruise on my hip. Nothing serious but after that I was riding like a granny. I’m not going to lie when I say it is TERRIFYING to ride the first time and I think I’m going to be terrified for a while longer until I get the hang of things. First, protection & Second, nice soft grass to play on.

Here are some pics of my not completed (needs everything to be tidied up etc) but working build (sorry about the potato quality)

All in all I’m pleased with the results and look forward learning to ride this beast (how people ride 10S to 12S I don’t know). I may even drop to 4S so I can get the hang of things and jump up to 8S later. Not decided, I think I will see how things go over the next week.

Any riding tips? @Nowind & @barajabali?


Man that is sick. I am extremely jealous of the belt drive.

I’m gonna be upgrading to 12s dual 149kv on belts rather than what I have now which is 10s on 190kv chain. I need more speed and torque :slight_smile:

Only tip is make sure your strapped in for the ride. Also find a way to stop lol which is why I’m installing disk brakes from trampa.

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Looks good man! Keep up the good work! Extremely jealous!! Some sensored motors and esc’s would make the start up torque much smoother for you… but I’d wait on that, enjoy it!

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I still have to cover the cables in wrap, put some padding in the battery box so the connectors aren’t in contact with the batteries, figure out how I’m going to manage the cables from the ESC’s & batteries and then a proper shake down run until the batteries run out.

The belts are very quiet I have to admit. I can hear the fans on the esc’s more, but I am being a right old granny. I’m going to buy some protection as well as doing anything on this board means you have to commit to it. I’m ready for more tumbles and falls, all part of the fun.

@JLabs I was expecting the jerk at the start but I was balanced 50:50 not 80:20 and the board just flew from under me. Sensored might be an idea so I’ll keep it in mind but I think I’m just going to have to get used to it. I’m just having to get used to the remote and how sensitive it is as well as everything else that is new.

Also thanks for the support. If you think of anything that I have missed or I could do better I’m open for suggestions.

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Nice that you got your Kakashi running now. Not that nice that the first attempt endet like this :fearful:

As you said, best playground for sure is a big field with soft grass for beginning. Use as many protectors as possible (-; Helmet for sure, back, knee, elbow, wrist, ass …

You can check what settings the MAX6 have actually, you can set the punch level to lowest if you not already done this.

Leaning forward by startup helps to not fall backwards, also you can get the board a little push with your hips to make the startup smoother. Also dont forget that by hard braking (depending on brake setting) you can get throw of in forward direction… so leaning backward

Hope thats help a little to get on with it. Feel free to ask anytime! Jenso

Looks really nice with those belts. Can’t compare to chains but the belts i’m using are pretty quiet and reliable (12mm wide). Not riding in dirt so I don’t need the self-cleaning action of a chain. I took the dampas out of my rig since I’m not riding with bindings. Works well, maxing out at 32 kmph with little to no wobble. Great job with your board. Enjoy!!

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It was my fault really and I got bitten for not being prepared with protection but I was really excited getting that far with my build over the weekend but I should have taken it to the park for a test run. I’m an idiot.

I did set the punch level to 1, checked last night to make sure as well as updated the firmwares of the ESC’s.

The hip thing is a good idea to get things rolling from start off, I’ll remember that. I just have to get used to riding it.

I’ll spend this week finishing up as much as possible with cable management etc. I’ll give it a proper run on the weekend as long as it is dry enough.

Thanks for all the help!

Thanks bro.

It had crossed my mind to remove to dampers as I dont actually weight that much (65kg) and I do find it a little stiff but it will probably losen up over time. I’m going to look at some better footware as well.

I am probably going to spend most of my time off the roads as the police here would pull me in an instant

Protection ordered and on its way! I’ll have it more finished this week ready for the weekend so I’ll post pictures when it is done.

Once I have given it a shake down I’m going to start thinking how to make an emergency pull cord to cut power from the batteries. I decided to only Velcro the battery box to the board so if the batteries decided to go critical I can disconnect and rip the box off, hopefully saving the board and my legs. Now thining about it more I think the pull cord is going to also remove the battery box as well as disconnect the batteries from the electronics. I might even line the inside of the box with a lipo charge bag.

The plan is going to have to wait a little while though, the GF has lots of ‘don’t have fun with your board’ weekends planned for me but at least the plan is brewing.