The LANDWHEEL electric hub drive

hi guys

i needed a solid waterproof board for the rainy commute. i realy wanted it to be small and light power was not much of a deal . i was thinking about mellow but it was waaayyyy to expensive . so i dropt the bom on this product . thinking about mounting this under a nickelboard or chop down a regular skateboard.

it will come in mid-end of july . there is a german seller that sells this as well as the lofty ambition boards.

does anyone have experience with this electrick drive ?

i wil post udate on shipping and the product it self . would love to hear your opinion for a mini comuter


@daanstoorvogel keep us posted, I’m sure many of us would like to know what your experience is once it’s all set up. If the specs are as stated, and it is durable enough to endure a few years or riding, it could be awesome. While not a DIY kit, I think it’s cool that there could be a way to get a setup like this for a decent price.

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i sold my 12s diy build to fund this so better be worth it :wink:

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I think thats his youtube channel. With videos about e-skates and… water technology? I don’t know how that happened but it looks like the guy is located in Munich

yeah i know pretty weird combo , but the guy got to make money some way haha, he has a video on a simular drive but thats the ONAN drive . that one is floating all over alibaba but ik has way less power than the orange one

says the sales rep of the orange trancebord D 40-7 ( landwheel is the original brand )

How can you ever get a range of 12-15 km with 60 Wh ?? I can’t even get 10 km with my 6s 5000mah = 120Wh battery

i know , pretty sceptical. hubs are pretty efficient but still… i looked it up an alibaba and the specs are all over the place. nobodys has the same specs 24 volt 36 volt top speed 25 to 45 kmph . so just hoping for an good outcome . otherwise gonna be preety creative with 18650s or lipos

Lower speed for the sake of range is the sacrifice I think

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by going very slow i would imagine. This thing only has 6 cells in it, probably 3000-3100 mah cells based on the specs. 67.2Wh is odd. And that’s a big box for such low power, i feel like they could have gone a bit smaller.

Hubs are not more efficient than belt drive if I’m correct , And i have a single drive, this one has dual hub motors …

Really curious what the performance of the board will be, Maybe you have to carry 5 extra batteries with you :slight_smile:

I am realy curious as well , if the range sucks . I will modify it .

Everytime any company puts range numbers they find horse jockeys to ride the distance attempt laying flat. They get so low and reduce the wind resistance so much they get better range going faster…as close to max speed as possible. Someone somewhere on the web explains it all but I don’t remember and you’ll have to search.

I think a hub motor could be more efficient if it’s the right kv Low

Got to be similar to these

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I am really interested in these as well, I saw them on Instagram and have contacted them and can get one for a real good price, just don’t want to be the guniea pig and have no money for my build. I got some different specs to the other website (I’ve only been on landwheels) I asked for the kv rating of the motors but all I got was this…


anyone actually tried this board yet? Getting ready to make the plunge. Figuratively… I hope.

They aren’t released till late July.

@rhinoinflight and @maxz , the sales rep i am talking to says that it we be posted firtst thing next week i will recieve it the 25th ( lets hope so )

Same here. Sales rep named Michelle by any chance?

I never went through your German seller. I contacted landwheel themselves (through the website) and said they will be released then.

@rhinoinflight nope eleen, if im not mistaking