The Marbel Remote

The marbel remote throttle response

I think it works great. Its nice to switch speed modes for beginners to try. and it isn’t touchy. The safety switch works well to slow you down gradually to a stop if you come of the safety button or battery dies and I can run it over with a truck. It vibrates for safety if it disconnects (but that is no longer an issue)

I do like my Marbel remote. Smooth response like the video shows, and really durable! I actually have a spare they sent me when i had some of those disconnect issues (they flashed new firmware when my nose power button died).

How did they do that? How did you install the firmware.

they updated both the board and remote when i sent it back for the dead power button.

until the app - we don’t have a way to update our own firmware… :frowning: