The MasterCho Enclosure

@MasterCho i would also be in for a medium sized enclosure for my 10s4p from @barajabali

Hi MasterCho, is this available yet?

Presumably need to have a flexible connection between each cell group a la @whitepony. I would love this on the MBS ATB I picked up.

Does the board need to be modded for wires or is there a channel going through?

Hi Won I am in need of a battery tray/case for a 10ah lithium battery. Can you help? Cheers Sam

For your 10s4p, you need one on the right.


Sure. How can I help you?

Not yet, I am working on it. Printed.


@MasterCho, i only have about 18" of real estate between the trucks and motor. any chance you could make one? i will take my measurements for you and let you know exactly how much clearance i have.

Do you have a battery case to suit a 19-12ah LI battery for a long board? Also, where are you based?

Sorry, 10-12ah battery

What’s the size of the battery pack? I am in Chicago.

2 VESC 10s4p


still salivating over the 12s4p and waiting obediently

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Still rocking mine. I love this enclosure! 10S4P and dual vescs fit awesome. I think I need another one for another project I’m working on. @MasterCho. Are you still making them?


Gosh I sure hope he still takes orders, that looks so damn nice, though I prefer a matte finish

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Yeah. A matte finish would be awesome!

Yes, I am.

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The mold is little too shiny to be the matte finish at this moment. All you need is Scotch-Brite :wink:


It’s coming slowly but surely.:slight_smile:



You tease MasterChocolate p.s. @onloop @staff username change request there it seems

Will you be making a 12s4p double stack enclosure that’s even all the way through like your other two in this thread?